Advantage of Tankless Water Heater – Little Box of Warmth

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There are several types of water heaters: electrical, gas, soil-fuelled, indirect water heating. They are also devided into tank and tankless water heaters.

tankless water heater

The Advantages of Tankless Water Heater

  1. The main advantages of the tankless water heater is hot water delivery immediately after turning on the tap without turning on the heater in advance and wait for it to heat up some water.  Some of them can provide nearly 14 liters of hot water per minute.
  2. Most of people can face the problem of hot water shortage (planned outages, various accidents), though hot water became a part of civil life and we feel ourselves uncomfortable without it. The other advantage of tankless water heater over tank water heater is the unlimited heated water volume. From now on you can’t come short of it. You can be perfectly sure that you will not be run out of water at that exact ill-fated moment of shampooing.
  3. Compact size and closed design allows you to install it anywhere you like in the room. Water heater is equipped with shower head. Elegant hard-chromed or pure white contemporary design is real delight for the eye.
  4. Due to its length tankless water heater can be hidden in the wall opening or with the gypsum board.
  5. Resistant and durable copper heat exchanger is responsible for long service lifetime. Heating element is made with ceramic filler.
  6. Water quality is known to be capable of improvement. In order to exclude this factor updated tankless water heaters are equipped with reusable water filter.
  7. Tankless water heaters are less affected by calcite sediments than tank heaters. In addition, they don’t need constant maintenance servicing and replacement of parts.
  8. Thermal cyclic transmitter and disconnector control temperature rise. Flow switch turns off the water heater at scarce water pressure.
  9. You can regulate water heat level: from economical running to maximum rating.
  10. Tankless water heater is energy saving due to the function of heater capacity varying.
  11. It is provided with built-in protection from current leakages.
  12. New models have touch-sensitive panel and keys to regulate not only cold water flow but also heater capacity.
  13. What is more, new models of water heaters have function of automatic turning on/off, that’s very comfortable when you forget to turn it off by yourself.
  14. Some tankless water heaters have even the function of water circulation control in heat exchanger, temperature control on exit and burn protection function.



advantage of tankless water heater

The choice of the tankless water heater depends on the purpose you want to buy it. For the kitchen you need 4-6 kW water heater, than it should be 2-3 liters per minute, for shower – 8 kW for 4 liters/minute. In case you can’t live without taking baths you need to have no less than 13 kW water heater. That will need three voltage phase and 380V voltage. Due to the watt consumption increase extra electric feed should be supplied from the electrical control unit to the water heater. If you want to install high power tankless water heater, your kitchen stove should be electric, not gas stove.

When buying water heater be careful choosing protective system. Most of water heaters have high resistance to water, but for some of them even water steam is harmful. By the way, the level of protective system also shows protection level from human touch and influence of other objects.

Water heater should be lined up to separate water export with separate faucet. Special capping pieces will increase water resistance force and improve heating level.

And finally, water heater must have separate electrical conduit.