Alpha Gas Boilers: Innovations and Advanced Technologies for Your Benefit

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Alpha is a widely known manufacturer and supplier of heating appliances that has been working all over the UK for the last 45 years. As for now, it offers a quite wide range of boilers that, thanks to the brand’s commitment to build quality, enjoy the reputation for reliability and performance that are second to none.

alpha gas boilers

Today the manufacturer is responsible for a very long list of Alpha gas boilers that take efficiency and performance to absolutely new, higher levels. Perhaps, one of the best product developments is Cyclone that removes all the debris from the heating circuit, thus preventing blockages and helping to keep boilers working for longer. An additional development worth mentioning is SolarSmart that now represents a great breakthrough in solar thermal technology, making solar-based hot water heating much more cost efficient and accessible than it used to be.

Domestic High Efficiency Gas Boilers

Alpha’s range of gas boilers includes system boilers, combis and regular models. In addition, there are also wall-hung storage combination boilers. This range is just perfect for:

  1. large output requirements
  2. single units
  3. cascade installations


Absolutely all Alpha gas boilers, as well as low carbon products, feature the best quality components and come with all-inclusive guarantees that cover every component that is supplied. This all gives an average customer a complete confidence. They have the reputation for three main factors – reliability, performance and efficiency. This makes them meet supremely high standards in build and component quality.

Primer Benefits

What are those things a customer can expect when buying gas boilers from Alpha? To their list belong:

  • 6-7 year warranty labor and parts (the period usually depends on the model you pick)
  • frost thermostat
  • stainless steel heat exchanger
  • daily pump kick
  • detailed fault codes
  • seasonality valve (it saves on gas bills)
  • SEDBUK rating (Band A)

Pay attention to the products like FlowSmart, SolarSmart and GasSaver as these are examples of advanced technologies. They are especially created for operating with gas boilers in order to enhance the efficiency levels, help to use a lot less gas for hot water and heating, reduce carbon emissions and energy bills.

alpha boilers

Speaking of carbon emissions, it should be noted that these high efficiency boilers emit lower levels of NOx and carbon dioxide, using the waste heat that is lost into the atmosphere in order to heat the water within the system, thus creating a comparatively more efficient boiler.

To the most preferable models of Alpha gas boilers belong Alpha 240E, Alpha 240E, Alpha 240p, Alpha 240X, Alpha 240xe, Alpha 240xp, Alpha 280E, Alpha 280E, Alpha 280P, Alpha 500E, Alpha C23, Alpha C27, Alpha CB24, etc.

Regular innovative approaches to business help to create unique appliances that make a huge impact on energy bill savings, carbon emissions and custom care.