Bosch Greenstar Boilers: Leading Technology Components for Optimal Energy Efficiency

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Recently Bosch has opened a new range of Greenstar gas boilers that are not only highly efficient, but can also be simply set and operated. These are heating units for connection to a  tank with hot water with an unsurpassed control and performance. Bosch Greenstar boilers have special insulation that ensures a quiet operation, as well as an exclusive keypad safety lock feature, important for prevention of heating controls’ unwanted tampering. This makes the appliance perfect for terraced and detached houses and many apartments.

bosch greenstar boiler

All Bosh Greenstar boilers are equipped with a burner with double passage and a stainless steel heat exchanger, which ensures a rather consistent temperature output that is based on demand. There is also a limit control of hot water temperature that assists in preventing scale build-up within the stainless steel heat exchanger.

Bosch Greenstar Line

These new Bosh Greenstar boilers offer perfect solutions for residential heating needs, as well as hot water needs at affordable costs, not compromising fuel economy and quality. Today there are several heating solutions that can offer 57.2 to 151.6 MBH inputs and up to 99% efficiency. These are:

  • Bosch Greenstar – 100 NG/LP
  • Bosch Greenstar – Combination boiler 151 NG/LP
  • Bosch Greenstar – Combination boiler 100 NG/LP
  • Bosch Greenstar – 131 NG/LP
  • Bosch Greenstar – 57 NG/LP
  • Bosch Greenstar – 151 NG/LP

Full Modulating Fan Assembly and FW200 Weather Compensation Control

A full modulating fan works increasing or decreasing the speed according to the gas amount that comes into the heating unit, depending on the demand. The whole process is referred to as modulation and aims at preventing the unit from having either too much or too little air needed for optimal combustion, thus ensuring high efficiency levels.

bosch greenstar

Bosch Greenstar boilers also have a FW200 digital thermostat, as well as an outdoor reset boiler control that act as a nerve center of the heating system. The interface is programmed to 6 switching times throughout the day, and can be either wall-mounted or installed within the appliance.

TOP Energy-Savings Features

Bosch Greenstar boilers feature industry leading technology components and design built for years of optimal energy efficiency and reliable operation.

To the basic energy saving features belong the following:

  • Electronic ignition.
  • Aluminum-silicon heat exchanger works delivering high efficiency with rather low temperature applications.
  • Low NOx emissions ahead of 2012 SCAQMD regulations.
  • Modulation and anti-cycle control.
  • Low electrical consumption in cases the boiler is in stand-by mode.
  • Simple, but intelligent control options help to optimize fuel consumption and efficiency.
  • Boilers are equipped with durable heating blocks, which are corrosion resistant and are especially designed for optimizing clean burning combustion.

No you understand why Bosch Greenstar boilers are known as the most efficient, environmentally-friendly and highly reliable units. Get one and take the provided benefits!