5 Key Facts about Bosch Tankless Water Heater

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scheme of bosch tankless water heater

Would you like to enjoy unlimited supply of hot water in your own household 24/7 all year round, regardless of what’s happening in the neighborhood? Of course, you would – the same as 99.9% of homeowners, looking for:

  • perfect heat exchangers that will rapidly transfer the necessary heat to the water;
  • patented burners with fully modulating design that generate maximum quantity of water;
  • on-demand technology that uses natural or propane gas while producing & then supplying the heated water;
  • digital control panel specifically built-in to maximize the whole-house comfort.

Bosch™ is ‘invented for life’. That said, you get maximum comfort, performance & energy efficiency doing everyday things.

Bosch Tankless Water Heaters: How Does It Work?

tankless water heater

Going tankless in the right place at the right time – after being tank-style for years – has obvious benefits. Do you know that an old good tank water heater in your basement, attic or garage uses more energy than a dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator & washing machine combined?

  • Bosch™ tankless ‘on demand’ heaters of water supply the homeowners with really energy-efficient hot water supply. They work either in LP or NG, propane (liquid) or natural gas respectively, heating the unlimited amount of water for your residential or commercial needs.
  • In contrast to traditional tank-style water heaters storing the hot water until you actually need it, Bosch™ tankless water heaters help to avoid any costly power loss that may account for 1/3 of a water bill. So firstly, why pay for keeping your water hot non-stop? Opt for utility savings. Secondly, your storage water heater can simply run out of water & you’ll wait for another heating cycle. Thirdly, the stored hot water is heated slowly, not to speak of its re-heating. Do not wait – use hot water the very moment you need it!
  • Bosch™ tankless water heaters are extremely compact. So, you can install them in many more places, in your extra need of hot water, for example, under remote sinks.
  • Bosch™ tankless water heaters have probably the best options in terms of overall water heating in the house. Once you’ve decided to invest in the mega effective brand device, it is very essential to size it by all means. Keep in mind that every tankless water heater ranges by temperature degree rise (e.g. 35°- 45° F) rated at given flow (e.g. 5/6-6.4 gallons per 1 minute). Simply calculate your real hot water delivery demand and choose a perfect Bosch™ water heater for your appliance (dishwasher or washing machine) or fixture (faucet or shower) .
  • Bosch™ heating systems bring substantial economy (up to 50%), green technology & unlimited hot water, whenever you need it, as long as you need it. No one offers a more full-value line of long-warranty water heaters than the well-known Bosch does.

Top-5+ Models of Bosch™ Tankless Water Heater:

tankless water on the wall

Condensing Bosch Model Therm C 1210 ES

  • Certificates: ASME
  • Thermal efficiency: 98%
  • Max input: 225,000 BTU
  • Capacity: 12.1 gpm

Condensing Bosch Model Greentherm C 1050

  • Application: commercial/residential
  • Energy Factor: 0.95
  • Max input: 199,000 BTU
  • Capacity: 10.7 gpm at 35°F temperature rise

Non-Condensing Bosch Model Therm 940 ES

  • Thermal efficiency: 83%
  • Max input: 199,000 BTU
  • Capacity: the highest among non-condensing models (9.4 gpm)

Non-Condensing Bosch Model Therm 830 ES

  • Application: commercial/residential
  • Thermal efficiency: 82%
  • Max input: 175,000 BTU
  • Capacity: 8.3 gpm at 35°F temperature rise

Non-Condensing Bosch Model Therm 520 HN

  • Patent: hydro-power ignition
  • Thermal efficiency: 80%
  • Maximum input: 117,000 BTU
  • Capacity: 5.3 gpm at 35°F temperature rise

Electric Bosch Water Heaters (Tronic 5000/3000/3000T Series)

Compact models of an electric tankless water heater are simply a perfect improvement for smaller homes, in-law/office suites (having a shower), garage apartments, wherever you need the unlimited supply of hot water at the point-of-use.

Professionals trust the far-famous Bosch™ tankless water heaters – engineered for high output, superior performance, extreme efficiency, utmost reliability & most demanding applications. Find the right model for you!