Bradford White 50 Gallon Water Heater – Quicker, Warmer, Better

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World-famed American company Bradford White is one of the leading high-quality equipment maker distributing its products through company commercial service all around the world.

From the start of water heaters production in 1881, enterprise constantly extends product lines and markets well-functioning, sophisticated technologies.

Now Bradford White is high volume exporter in the USA. Total export makes 12% of the whole output.

Today nearly 700 product models are in the range of Bradford White company.

bradford white 50 gallon water heater

Bradford White Presents

Bradford White collections have a huge range of water heaters of various construction and purpose: According to the purpose they can be industrial, household, municipal. There are electric, gas, oil models, also tank and tankless water heaters concerning construction. What is more, Bradford White company have patented several inventions, such as inner ceramic tank proofing resisting high temperatures (“Vitraglas”), cool water delivery system (“Hydrojet”).

  • Bradford White water heaters guarantee constant hot water storage and allow to supply enough hot water for several rooms at the same time;
  • Maximum temperature of water heating is 70?C;
  • Such kind of water heaters don’t depends on water pressure in the system;
  • Its operating range of gas pressure  starts from 80 mm water pressure;
  • Water temperature is automatically regulated to the set level;
  • 2,5 centimeter thick foam insulation minimizes heat leak and increases cooling period. Flame retarder in heating flue serves to incline heat removal period and make convection process and heat loss low, when the main burner turned off.
  • Inner tank enamel is flexible enough to reflect heat deformations of the steel tank and protects it from corrosion;
  • Heating water in the heater preserves good drinking quality. Protective magnesium anode makes additional rust-proofing. Hydrojet system of water delivery creates turbulent currents preventing solid settlings and increasing efficiency;
  • Thermostatic regulator averts the overheating;
  • Factory built-in dielectric loadings on the place of water-line prolong service life of steel tank;
  • Depending on the size and volume water heaters can be 8,8 – 24,9 kW;
  • Air-blast gas burner doesn’t deform at gas pressure bumps – that is a great plus when comparing to other gas water heaters.
  • Multilevel security system makes Bradford White water heater very safe. It minimizes the risk of accidental inflammations involving dangerous vapors from products such as gasoline, thinner, and solvents.

bradford 50 gallon water heater

50 Gallon Water Heater. Installation

Bradford White water heaters can have open (Bradford White MI) or closed burner section (Bradford White DS).

There are models of Bradford White water heaters, which can run on oil gas or on liquid propane-butane.

Due to the big volume and size Bradford White water heaters of 50 gallons are recommended to install in private houses with big water supply intake.

High power and quick speed of water heating of 50 gallon Bradford White water heaters are compensated for the size, that’s why floor mounted installation is the best variant forasmuch the weight of water heater can reach 350 kilograms. Installation is carried out near the wall connecting the main gas line.

The installation should be done by specialist to avoid errors and minimize time and materials cost.

When the system should be filled with water for testing before actual operation but during cold weather, care must be taken to prevent a downdraft entering the boiler or freezing air from contacting the system. Water freezing may cause the failure in the system and its damage. Damage due to freezing is not covered by the warranty.

Warranty and repair service play a significant role in customer satisfaction in these sphere. Bradford White has two warrant options: the standard one for 6 years and extended for 10 years.

In order to produce advance technologies for your comfort and safety, the aim of the Bradford White Company is research and development.

You can easily choose the water heater meeting your demand of hot water, due to wide selection of models with various volumes and power.