Buderus Gas Boiler Reviews: Praise and Criticism

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Looking up Buderus gas boiler reviews on the web one can’t notice they often get very contradictory. There is nearly 50/50 percent split between completely antipodal views. Around half of the users highly recommend gas heating products by the American producer, while another 50% rage these appliances are unreliable.

Positive reviews mostly explain how efficient and environmentally friendly these heaters are. Some even acknowledge minor factory defects, but for them the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Such reviews often stress the following points:

  • Low energy consumption, as compared to older models;
  • Low emissions that come with superior energy efficiency;
  • Low price, as compared to certain competitor products.
  • Still there are many contrary reviews on various dedicated websites that are worth mentioning as well.

buderus gas boiler reviews

Buderus advertise their heaters as high-tech, efficient and reliable products that save hundreds of dollars in utility bills every year. While the fuel economy of these products seems to be verified, a vast majority of users complains about reliability issues they experience. Some of the most common complaints include the following:

  • Excessive noise and/or vibration. When turned on, a gas heater can cause moderate levels of vibration and noise, but some users find their Buderus systems getting extremely noisy and the issue escalating with time. The root cause of the noise was not considered a malfunction, so any repair costs associated with this issue were not covered by the warranty.
  • Leakage problems. This is probably the most common issue of all conventional heaters as they grow old. Yet, various negative Buderus gas boiler reviews talk about leakages only one or two years after the system was installed. Some say the issue arose after the boiler was serviced (to fix another problem).
  • Durability issues. Simply put, many users suggest these products are not made to last for decades. For instance, in certain cases boilers get covered with rust from top to the very bottom. Also, there are many reviews that complain about how fast some components in Buderus systems required a replacement. Among those, a special ignition mechanism that automatically switches on a boiler is named the most.
  • Safety issues. There are several complaints, when a boiler went completely dead, producing thick smoke and nearly set the house on fire. Fortunately, such instances are quite rare, and similar accidents happen with heaters manufactured by other producers as well.

All these issues described above usually lead to high maintenance costs. Most negative Buderus gas boiler reviews suggest the cost of repair is oftentimes much greater than the fuel savings a system offers during its whole lifecycle. That’s why such “savings” are frequently called “unreasonably expensive”. While not every product by this producer gets criticism, the number of complaints leaves many questions open.