Burnham Gas Boilers: The Quality of US Heating Units for Your Home

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What do you know about purchasing heating units manufactured by the US companies? Getting such units means obtaining the best in safety, comfort and durability. Can there be anything better?

burnham gas boiler

Burnham gas boilers have been available on the market of heating units for a quite long time, and today they are in the list of the best appliances. This is an American company that is known for manufacturing cast iron and stainless steel gas boilers. They offer not only small residential units, but also large commercial steam and water systems, radiator and baseboard heating options in classic and modern designs. These are the reasons why Burnham gas boilers are the leaders in the industry of high efficiency condensing units.

Types of Burnham Boilers

Today the American company is ready to offer three types of heating units, namely:

  • Atmospheric boilers
  • Forced Draft boilers
  • High Efficiency boilers

They all differ not only in purpose, but also in function. If you are more interested in residential use, pay attention to high efficiency gas boilers as they are not only efficient (as the name suggests), but also have a pretty high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating – from 75% and onwards. Such appliances are very economical for many homes.

What about forced draft options? These boilers use air to heat the house. They feature a power operated fan that provides air. Such heating systems are perfect fro hospitals, shopping malls and offices, but they aren’t appropriate for residential use.

Atmospheric boilers are units, in which combustion of natural gas is drawn through the appliance without a fan. These types are used in an industrial sector.

Design of Burnham Gas Boilers

The distinctive configuration of Burnham gas boilers allows a very efficient heat transfer. The first time gasses pass through the heat exchanger in a traditional way. After this they rise above the exchanger and are pulled across a secondary surface for a rather complete transfer of heat. This heating surface is fitted with heat transfer pins in the form of diamonds, which extract the maximum heat amount.

burnham boiler

A gas fired boiler from Burnham is pre-piped and has a secondary loop for a quite easy hookup into a low temperature system. It also features a few simple controls, and is considered to be just perfect for radiant heating installations.

Long-Term Performance and Dependability

These are the main features that characterize Burnham gas boilers. Being constructed with a cast iron exchanger they offer many years of reliable performance and a unique ability of absorbing and transferring heat efficiently and quickly. The use of cast iron sections also helps not only to reduce fuel consumption, but also to save your money.

Burnham gas boilers have the features, performance and design that home owners want the most. This makes such units the best choice both for residential and industrial use. It’s time for you to get one.