Boiler Types and Models

Ideal Classic Gas Boilers: 100 Years of Pioneering Innovation

ideal classic gas boiler

Ideal Company manufactures boilers of different types, both pricy and entry models, but all of them meet the official efficiency ratings requirements.

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Crown Gas Boilers: Designed to Lead


Let Crown Gas Boilers take care of your hot water and heating comfort problem.

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Alpha Gas Boilers: Innovations and Advanced Technologies for Your Benefit


Alpha gas boilers, as well as low carbon products, feature the best quality components and come with all-inclusive guarantees that cover every component that is supplied.

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Sime Gas Boilers: Valuing Your Climate


Sime offers you a full range of reliable, wear resistant and easy to maintain Sime Gas Boilers for any application, thus providing you total choice and flexibility.

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Dunkirk Gas Boilers: Innovative, Efficient & Dependable

dunkirk gas boiler

If you buy any of the Dunkirk Gas Boilers, you’ll invest your money in the heating equipment that reduces home heating costs and lasts rather long.

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Non-Condensing Gas Boilers: Advantages and Disadvantages

non condensing gas boilers

Modern non-condensing boilers are around 15% less efficient than condensing ones.

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