Combi Boiler Ratings. Choose the Boiler to Save on Gas and Energy Bills.

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What are combi boilers? These are combination boilers (the word ‘combi’ is mainly used in the United Kingdom) that are a type of condensing boiler that both heats and generates water for central heating from one boiler unit. Such unit combines the functions of both central and water heating in one.

combi boiler ratings

Combi boiler ratings are very helpful sources that provide all the needed information about boiler models and brands available on today’s market. The real problem is that it is really hard to find out which one is perfect in your case. Before making your final choice, there are two main questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Is a combi boiler my choice?
  2. Which brand should I trust?


Let’s try to answer both questions. The use of a combination boiler has many benefits. To begin with, it is compact and pretty attractive. While using it you won’t need a cylinder or a bulky tank to feed home heating.

To the list of other key benefits belong:

  • warm and hot water
  • easy maintenance (installation and servicing)
  • wide modulation that ranges up to 1:7. This results in fewer ignitions, smoother operation, lower fuel bills and greater reliability
  • efficiency and reliability both in electricity and gas consumption
  • separate temperature control for domestic hot water and central heating
  • user friendly controls
  • a range of outputs means that such boilers can suit any sized property (between 24 and 40 kW for natural gas)

boiler ratings

If you are now thinking what boiler you should choose, keep in mind that they all come in different styles and sizes. Of course, size is the very first thing you should always consider. The choice must primarily depend on the number of rooms you have in your place, as well as on the size of the house. Make sure you pick the size of the boiler carefully, because it has a great impact on energy bills.

Your choice should always depend on these four aspects:

  1. with/without stored hot water reservoir
  2. with/without secondary heat exchanger
  3. heat output
  4. condensing or not


We have decided to provide you with two types of combi boiler ratings. The first one is based on the reviews of professionals, who are well-acquainted with many brands and manufacturers. Here is the list of TOP 10 best combi boilers for your place, according to the researches of professionals:
1. Halstead Eden CBX
2. Viessmann Vitodens 200-W combi
3. Baxi Duo-Tech Combi HE A
4. Worcester Bosch 37 CDi
5. Saunier Duval ISOTWIN CONDENS F35E
6. Vaillant ecoTEC plus 937
7. Ravenheat CSI 120 Low NOx
8. Keston C36 Combi
9. Alpha CD25C
10. Ferroli Optimax HE31 C

boiler combi ratings

The second rating is based on customer reviews. These are TOP 10 manufacturers customers to trust the most:

  1. Ferroli Domicondens 26C Combi
  2. Potterton Gold 28HE Combi
  3. Vaillant Ecotec Pro 24 Combi
  4. Potterton Gold 33HE Combi
  5. Worester 34CDi  Classic Combi
  6. Potterton Titanium 40HE Combi
  7. Potterton Titanium 33HE Combi
  8. Glow Worm Flexicom 30CX Combi
  9. Potterton Titanium 28HE Combi
  10. Sabre 29HE Plus Combi


Relying on these lists, choose the brand and buy a boiler that is highly efficient and can generate significant savings on your gas bills.