Conventional Gas Boilers. Water Heating Units that Never Stale

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Conventional gas boilers, commonly known as regular or open vent boilers, are mostly chosen by those users, who need to have a guaranteed source of hot water or use hot water at more than just one place. The main characteristic feature of such boilers is the fact they have a cold water and hot water tanks in the loft.

A conventional model is usually connected to an open-vented central heating system that has a header tank in the loft space. It operates together with external controls and hot water storage cylinder, delivering much hot water to several taps at the same time.

As it has been mentioned, such water heating system has two water tanks:

  • one large cold water storage tank
  • one small feed and expansion tank

A cold water tank draws liquid from the cold water mains to refill. Water from this storage tank feeds cold liquid down to the cylinder that is in the airing cupboard. Then the conventional gas boiler heats the cylinder, enabling it to release hot water to the taps placed all over the house. The hot liquid is circulated via pipes and radiators with the help of a pump.

Are Conventional Gas Boilers the Best Options?

As today’s market offers a number of gas boilers, it would be wrong to state that conventional models are the best of the kind. Of course, as in many other cases, there are both positives and negatives in their work. Weigh all pros and cons and only then decide whether this boiler type is the one you need to feel comfortable.


  • fast flow rates
  • immediate hot water
  • hot water can be received from multiple taps at the same time
  • both heating and hot water
  • aback-up hot water in case the boiler fails
  • it can be used with solar energy


  • cylinder needs type to heat up
  • the unit needs more space
  • hot water can run out and one should wait for it to reheat
  • tanks take up much loft space
  • a limited amount of hot water provided

A real benefit that is important to mention is the fact that taps, running baths and showers can be easily drawn in any room simultaneously. Far not all water heating systems are able to do the same.

conventional gas boilers

If it happens so that the cylinder runs out of hot water, the recovery will be in 25-30 minutes (if it is a new boiler and a new cylinder).

Conventional gas boilers are comparatively cheaper and also offer possibilities for saving cash. As for today, modern models have an efficiency rating of 87%. Gas-fired units can warm homes with a higher heat requirement.

These are the benefits that cannot leave one indifferent. This is why conventional units are never outmoded.

What to consider, while making your final choice? While giving preference to conventional gas boilers, remember that the most important requirement is the need for a cold water storage tank. As a rule, a loft space is needed. Besides, there must be a room to place the hot water cylinder.

When it is high time you replaced your old boiler, make sure you consider a conventional model. For many people it has already become perfect. What about you and your hot water needs?