Domestic Boilers: Things You Should Know About

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Probably every family sooner or later starts thinking about saving money and at the same time boosting up the quality of life. The majority of people comes up to the conclusion that it is necessary to save money on a heating system, which is one of the most expensive for a family’s budget. A good way to solve this problem is to install a boiler. In this article we are going to give you some useful information about all types and peculiarities of boilers and make short domestic boiler reviews.

First of all, let us figure out what, actually, a boiler is. From a technical point of view, it’s an electrical water heater. In other words, it is a storage tank and heating element. People who live in big cities are the first to need boilers, because municipalities are not always able to provide an acceptable amount of hot water for every house. For that purpose a boiler is more energy efficient and constant. Because of these advantages many city dwellers often end up buying a boiler.

Inside the tank there is enamel which protects metal from corrosion and makes your boiler live much longer. The better enamel, the higher price. Probably, the most expensive boilers are the ones that are made of titan or any other stainless steel. These boilers will serve you for a couple of decades in a row without any problems. One of the most common disadvantages of boilers is that they usually have corrosion at the welding spots. So, in this case you have to be attentive while buying this universal water heating system.

domestic boilers reviews

After this short domestic boiler review, let’s talk about types of boilers and which one is better to take. First of all, we want to talk about electric boilers. This type is the most common all over the country. As we have mentioned above, it consists of two parts: tank and the heating element (HE). For the heating source boilers use electricity. Volume of a tank can vary from a couple of gallons to hundreds of gallons. The output of the HE starts with 1,5 kWt and ends up with about 18,5 kWt. Also, in an electric boiler you can find a magnesium anode and thermal isolation system. Electric boilers are the most profitable, because they don’t need much electricity. That is why the majority of people prefers just electric boilers.

Nonetheless, we are going to talk about other boilers as well. The next popular boiler is the so-called collateral one. They don’t have a separated storage tank and are installed directly in the general heating system. This way of heating water is also efficient, but it requires more work with installation. It might cause some disorder in your house, but will work just fine!
Finally, the last one in our domestic boiler reviews is gas boiler. This type has quite good efficiency, but it also requires more money to pay for. The reason is that it uses gas, which is more expensive than electricity. Moreover, it is much more dangerous, because of the same reason – usage of gas. The price of every boiler is quite affordable, and it is probably worth buying! Don’t hesitate and make you own house warmer and your wallet heavier!