Electric Central Heating Boilers: Reasons to Choose Electric Units to Satisfy Your Hot Water Needs

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Why do electric central heating boilers remain popular? The reason is simple: they are nearly 99% efficient, as in order to produce heat they never rely on the burning of fossil fuels like oil or gas. Thus, there are no chances to lose valuable heat, while releasing waste gases into the environment.

electric central heating boilers

Such units are perfect both while running the central heating system and when provided lots of hot water. Today’s market offers many available options you can choose from. You can always buy a boiler that will provide either central heating only, or a unit that is especially designed for providing hot water as well.

The latter type of electric central heating boilers is very popular, but sometimes it requires a hot water tank, which means that before you buy the unit you are to make sure you have enough space to keep it.

How Do Boilers Work?

If we speak about electric boilers, you should know that there isn’t any great difference between a conventional unit and an electric one. Instead of burning oil or gas for heat creation, an electric appliance takes power from mains supply and uses it for heating elements of the boiler.

The liquid passes over these elements and is heated before being pumped to the place where it is needed the most.

Unlike other boilers, electric ones aren’t reliant on elements within the unit moving for heat generation. It means that when used the system is very quiet.

Environmentally Friendly Units

Traditional gas boilers dispose waste gases, taking them via a chimney or flue. In case of electric central heating boilers the flue is not required, so the useful heat doesn’t escape, helping the unit to run at 99% efficiency.

Relying on electricity, such units are considered to be more environmentally friendly than most models of heating units. They don’t produce gas emissions that are exposed into the atmosphere.

electric heating boilers

If we speak about efficiency, we should mention space efficiency as well. In case of fuel-based boilers, space always becomes an issue, as one needs a place to fit water storage tanks into. With an electric boiler there is a lot more flexibility. The units shouldn’t be close to the outside wall, and, unlike in cases with other boiler types, there aren’t any requirements for additional fuel storage tanks.

Installation and Maintenance Costs

An electric central heating boiler is a very cheap solution, as there is no:

  • requirement to take waste emissions to outside of your property
  • need to purchase a separate flue
  • need to purchase a separate chimney

Thus, on the stage of installation you always have a chance to save money.

Besides, only electric units don’t require regular servicing as often as gas or oil appliances. They need maintaining only if there is any problem with the boiler’s work.

Having an electric central heating boiler at home, you cut down your energy bills and maintenance expenses, but contribute to the satisfaction of your heating and hot water needs.