Electric Combination Boilers Will Heat Your Home and Save Your Money

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“I am planning a possible house selfbuild and as the location is rural the only options I have for a wet central heating system are oil, LPG or electric. I have used oil and LPG in the past and the prices of both can fluctuate wildly as you would expect. So I am about to have a new boiler fitted in my house. As gas prices are rising I am considering to have an electric combi boiler. I am aware that running costs could be high but do not know exactly how high that would be (in comparison to oil or LPG). The advantages would be no outside tank, no flue poking out of the roof and not having to remember to order a top-up. So does anyone actually have an electric combi? If so, what are its running costs?”

Probably each of us has recently faced the same problem. And electric boiler (in particular electric combi boiler) is an improbable achievement of modern science and a real solution for it becoming more and more popular.

electric combi boiler

Electric combination boiler will help you to install a comfortable and suitable wet central heating and to have hot water for all your needs. Usually electric combination units are fully packed and housed in an elegant frame. The unit includes a fully programmable controller to provide full control of both central heating and domestic hot water. Also it will let you choose just Heating, just Hot Water and both of them at the same time. Sizes of this type of boiler are very small, so it will be very suitable in not very spacious apartments.

Special Advantages of Electric Combi Boilers

  • Controllable, efficient wet central heating
  • Hot water from the hot water cylinder
  • The operating temperatures of the boiler can be regulated using the control panel from 40 degrees to 85 degrees
  • Electric heating boilers range from 4kW to 14.4kW to suit every electrical heating application
  • No flue and no fuel tanks required
  • Silent in operation
  • Soft start approach to avoid power surges
  • Integral Magnetic filter for boiler protection
  • Minimal service
  • Minimal costs to keep it in order
  • No requirement for annual safety certificate
  • 10 years guarantee on the cylinder
  • 2 years guarantee on the boiler and other control panels
  • Can be used for underfloor heating
  • Can be located on any floor in your house
  • In addition some companies offer electric combi boilers which generate hot water through the solar coil linked to several solar panels
  • Suitable design.

What About Electric Combi Boiler Running Prices

Buying a new one will cost you on average $2,450. And costs to keep it in order will be measured nearly $2,350 per year. Someone would say it is too expensive but be sure electric boilers are 100 % efficient. Take into account that they don’t need servicing, they are completely silent, can be fitted anywhere as they do not have a flue. Moreover, they don’t give off poison fumes such as carbon monoxide that is very important nowadays. Don’t doubt! Just try it and your house will be heated effectively, economically and not harmfully!