Energy Efficient Gas Boilers: A 2 in 1 Choice – Heating Bill Reduction and Positive Impact on the Environment

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Today’s market offers a great variety of both standard and high energy efficient gas boiler models that ensure safety and provide warmth, circulating steam or water through a whole network of pipes throughout a house or flat. The most of typical models are made with steel, copper or cast-iron heat exchanges and have various venting systems and burners. High efficiency models can be quite easily fitted both to old and new heating systems.

energy efficient gas boilers

Improved Features of Old Models

There have been made a lot of changes in gas boilers during recent years. The primer aim of these changes was to make the existing models much more efficient than they were. As for now, many of them refused from using a pilot light and gave preference to electric ignition instead (this means energy isn’t wasted when keeping the pilot light going). Besides, advanced models use new combustion technologies which more heat using the same amount of fuel. Not all, but some gas boilers do use a sealed combustion chamber that operates the outside air in order to fuel the burner, thus improving safety and reducing draft.

Specialists state that the current lifespan of an average boiler is 15 years. So, when you’re about to choose a heating system with a high energy efficient gas boiler, it’ll make a great difference to the heating bills over time. A properly sized model saves up to 15% on your heating bills thanks to:

  • sealed combustion
  • electric ignition
  • combustion technologies

Replacing Boilers

Those, who own boilers that are over 10 years old, are definitely spending two times more money than they need to on their household energy bills. Why pay more if there is a chance to spend a lot less money? Today’s high efficiency boilers are especially designed for lowering heating bills, ensuring maximum fuel efficiency as well as reducing carbon emissions.

energy efficient boilers

While choosing a proper model, its price is far not everything it is important to pay attention to. Size matters as well. When you want to invest in a new energy efficient boiler, determine its size before shopping.

If you live in cold climates, purchase the most efficient boiler you can afford. If you are from warmer climates, give preference to a moderately efficient boiler model.

Additional Advantages

It is obvious that the higher the energy efficiency of the boiler, the more expensive the model. However, its price is nothing, when compared to the heating bill savings.

The sums you can save on your heating bills are not the only benefit to take. Most experts estimate that average boilers estimate nearly 60% of all carbon dioxide emissions that ever come from homes. When switching to a comparatively more efficient type, you kill two birds with one stone:

  1. you manage to reduce all monthly expenses your family makes
  2. you make a very positive impact on the environment


As today there’s a growing concern over the need to reduce carbon footprints and the greenhouse effect, energy efficient gas boilers become the best choice ever.