Energy Star Gas Boilers. The Federal Program to Reduce Draft and Improve Safety

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Gas boilers are now a part of the Federal Energy Star program, which also includes fuel oil units, but doesn’t rate electric appliances of this type. To qualify for the rating of this federal program, a boiler should have AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) that equals 85% and more.

energy star gas boiler

About the Program

Energy Star Gas Boiler Program was initially offered by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Its primer aim is identifying, as well as encouraging, energy-efficient consumer products, thus helping to reduce energy consumption by power stations and greenhouse gases. Not all units can receive an Energy Star mark. These are primarily those devices that consume 20%-30% less energy than required/allowed by federal standards.

Energy Star gas boilers are attractive and are well-designed from a functional point of view. In the majority of cases the controls are encased and control panel covers are flip-up. Materials used for the basic components undergo various vital tests in order to prove their high quality levels.

Most gas boiler manufacturers offer a pretty wide range of units that have already become parts of the Federal Energy Star program. In fact, they become more and more popular than other appliances.

Energy Star Requirements

When a gas boiler earns the Energy Star, it means that it meets all the efficiency guidelines that are set by the Environmental Protection Agency. When a user chooses Energy Star heating/cooling equipment and does everything possible to optimize its performance, he enhances the comfort of his place, saving energy.

If the unit saves energy, it protects the environment due to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. An additional bonus is saving more money.

As it has already been mentioned, all Energy Star gas boilers have the annual AFUE ratings of 85% and more. This high mark is achieved due to a number of essential features, including:

  • new combustion technologies, which work extracting more heat from the same fuel amount
  • electronic ignition that eliminates the necessity of having the pilot light burning
  • sealed combustion, which uses outside air for burner fueling, thus improving safety and reducing drafts
  • all the Energy Star gas boilers use nearly 6% less natural gas than most standard models

This is how they are able to achieve much higher efficiency levels. These features make them beneficial for regular use: they heat, save cash and are a lot safer than others.

If you are about to shop for this type of gas boiler for your home, look for the brands that are regarded as the most reliable and are advised by most professional engineers. In case you have a house in the area with a rather cold climate, it is better for you to invest in the energy-efficient system. To lower annual heating costs in areas with milder climates, choose the best Energy Star gas boilers. The unit you can invest into should always offer 80%, 90% and 95% efficiency levels.