The Most Expensive Gas Boiler Currently Sold

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Prices on gas boilers depend on many factors including unit’s output, efficiency, and brand name. While most people settle for small to medium output equipment, large property owners need something far more powerful. Today, we’ll examine the most expensive gas boiler among the mighty – Triangle Tube Keystone KS850.

Boiler Highlights

Keystone KS850 is the most powerful model in the Triangle Tube condensing boilers’ family. With 850 MBH (850 thousand BTU’s Per Hour) it ranks among the top performing residential boilers and is commonly utilized for commercial needs, too. The appliance is extremely powerful and quite heavy, too – it weighs over 100 lbs. Still, it is much lighter than most of the competitor products with similar output.

expensive gas boiler

Certainly, one would expect A-rated energy efficiency from a boiler in that price category, and Triangle Tube KS850 indeed delivers in every respect. Boiler offers stunning efficiency of 95.7% and according to several reviews is one of the most efficient residential gas units currently on sale. But why is it so expensive? What additional features make it so exceptional someone would want to spend $15,000+ to own it?

Here are some of the highlights:

  • It’s a multipurpose unit that works on both propane and natural gas;
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger with low pressure drop is a solid differentiation point of Keystone KS850. It doesn’t require annual maintenance and cleaning thanks to its self-cleaning mechanism and allows design with fewer parts;

expensive boiler

  • Control board is split into two components: one for the efficiency setup and another one for general controls.

Important Notes

Triangle Tube is a high-end producer that is known for top quality products and good service. No wonder every condensing boiler of the Keystone family can be found in the upper range of their respective price categories. KS850 is no exception – it is a fairly sophisticated unit that demands proper installation at the beginning of its lifecycle and correct service throughout its life.

the most expensive boiler

Unfortunately, not every homeowner appreciates these facts. Some try to save a couple of bucks and hire installation technicians that are not really familiar with Triangle Tube products and don’t know all of their ins and outs. This equipment calls for professional installation, that’s why it’s important to:

  • Configure condensing equipment properly;
  • Utilize matching piping system to ensure high efficiency and long lifespan;
  • Make sure the pipes are attached correctly.

All these procedures should be performed by a certified technician with solid experience in Triangle Tube products’ installation. If you can afford a boiler that costs more than $10,000, make sure to hire a professional technician and don’t attempt DIY servicing.

Thanks to its great design and rich feature list Triangle Tube Keystone KS850 is one of the best units ever made. It is the most expensive gas boiler currently on sale, but is certainly worth every penny.