Free Gas Boilers for Pensioners: 100% Solution for You

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The majority of households is connected to the communal central heating system, but in case it is impossible, gas boiler is often the only solution. Most of the houses and cottages in the outer countryside utilize boilers, which were produced back in 1980s or even earlier. As pensioners simply cannot afford replacing those with modern models, government has created a program that offers free gas boilers for pensioners.

The program has several stages and several initial conditions, as well as requiring some initial expenses. However, those are much lower than the cost of full renewal and upgrade of your boiler system and you are able to save a decent amount of money afterwards. Modern models of boilers are rated with A grade for energy and gas consumption and A to B grade for performance, while 40 years old boilers can be rated only G or E supposedly.

free gas boilers for pensioners

As normal human body temperature is 36.6°C, acceptable interior temperature according to the official notes is 14°C only. Obviously, senior people cannot feel comfortable in such conditions, so the best expected indoors temperature during cold seasons is 21°C, and 25°C is the recommended temperature for supplying the adequate level of comfort. Wearing warm clothes is also the best and obvious solution, though they will not help you much if the indoors temperature is below 10°C.

First, you will have to make sure your house is well insulated, as different wall and frame gaps can create minor and major drafts, which can level the efficacy of heating to zero. You are supposed to make all necessary repairs yourself. Apply additional wall and window insulation; make sure there are no gaps beneath the doors and window frames, etc.

Your current boiler system should also be well insulated, to ensure warmth is going into the radiators instead of heating the loft. Make sure no furniture or curtains cover the radiators, so the heat can enter the room instead of heating the windows. These are most likely all the expenses you will have to pay. Pay attention to learning modern thermostat controls, as the gas company would like to be sure you will not cause any damage to the boiler due to ignorance of some important factors.

After the gas company agent will inspect the household and find it appropriately insulated, you will be able to claim the new boiler system for free. It may even be installed free, as the government, according to the program, pays these expenses. Even if the company offers you a C grade boiler, it will be at least twice better than your old one and can be easily improved to almost A grade performance by additionally insulating the main tank.

The result of the partnership between you and the gas company will be a warm house (insulated by you), heated by a modern boiler (provided by the company), and up to 30-40% savings on your annual heating expenses. This is probably the best solution possible, so why hesitate? Try it!