Free Standing Gas Boilers. Characteristics that Bring Benefits.

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Modern central heating systems use water in order to move heat throughout a building. A gas boiler is especially created for providing the heat. The pipe moves the water from the boiler to the radiators and then back to the boiler for re-heating.

free standing gas boilers

Today’s market is always ready to offer a pretty wide range of absolutely different types of heating systems that can be successfully installed and tailored according to one’s preferences. When chosen and installed carefully, the system doesn’t trigger any troubles and is low-cost.

Frankly speaking, free standing gas boilers are in the list of the most preferable models. What characteristics make them so popular?

What’s a Free Standing Boiler?

This is a boiler that rests directly on the floor. Such models are comparatively larger and a lot more powerful than wall-mounted ones. Besides, they are very suitable for being installed in a dwelling’s service area. The peak of their popularity was in 70s and 80s, when they were placed either in an out boiler house or on the floor in the kitchen and had a cast iron heat exchanger.

Modern free standing gas boilers are made either from pressed steel or cast aluminum. Why these materials? Their usage allows making thinner boilers, thus making it much easier to fit them between other appliances.

Such models are usually a perfect choice for those households that intend to burn coal. The models can be room-sealed (the oxygen is provided through a flue or there can be a conventional flue which draws in air from the room).

Usually such types of boilers are created to be narrow enough to fit between fitted kitchen units, and they can be easily installed in many suitable locations as well. Today they are commonly used in buildings and homes with an adequate service area. When space is insufficient, it’s better to give preference to a wall-mounted boiler type.

How to Choose a Free Standing Gas Boiler?

gas boilers free standing

Before making your final choice, there are a few essential things you should keep in mind. Firstly, you choice should always depend on the fuel type that is going to be used. Though wood is the cheapest and the most ecological variant, it needs much storage space, as well as regular replenishment. Oil, electricity and gas are the most practical options; however, they are more polluting and rather expensive. Secondly, consider that there are models that operate more than just one fuel type. Thirdly, condensation and low-temperature boilers save great amounts of energy without any loss in performance.

Why choose free standing gas boilers? The thing is they have a higher power output in comparison to the wall hung boilers. Practically all models have cast iron heat exchangers, which is why they stand on the floor. These boiler types are a lot heavier, but if applied correctly, the lifespan of their heat exchangers is a lot higher with respect to many other materials.

Take into account all the benefits to make the right choice and cut down possible expenses, as well as the number of problems accompanied.