Major Tips on Choosing a Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover

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We all rely on boilers for hot water and heating, and if something goes wrong, we are ready to spend great sums to fix things. Why pay more and choose expensive repairs if there is a way to save together with gas boiler breakdown cover?

gas boiler breakdown cover

This cover is a combination of safety and financial protection – two most important things in any household. Usually it meets basic needs of homeowners, who really need expert assistance and insurance in cases of breakdown of boilers at domestic property.

A Good Cover Includes…

If you use a standard gas boiler, look for a heating cover that covers all or some of the following things:

  • annual servicing
  • unlimited or certain number of claims per month/year
  • repairs to a boiler, both labor and parts
  • if the system is beyond repair, there should be a contribution towards its replacement

Some gas boiler breakdown covers can be extended in order to protect various elements of one’s home. Usually to their list belong water plumbing, drain systems and electric wiring. If you incorporate such additional options, be sure that the regular monthly cost will also increase. The greatest plus is the fact such sort of cover extension will ensure peace of mind.

Who Can Apply for a Cover?

Private landlords, tenants and homeowners are eligible to apply for insurance of this type, unless their property is a bedsit, mobile home, in multiple occupancy or used for various commercial purposes – these are the cases, when gas boilers cannot be covered.

Things to Look Out, While Making Your Choice

boiler breakdown cover

If you have made up your mind to get a cover, there are a few important aspects you should think about.

Firstly, check whether the insurance is adequate for your needs. Today there are policies that cover either certain costs per claim or year or simply limit the number of claims per year. Many companies are not ready to pay for problems, which are related to boiler servicing and inspection or a build-up of lime scale.

Secondly, know the age and model of the boiler you have, because many old boilers aren’t covered. Why? Older models usually don’t meet safety and efficiency standards that are required by most insurers.

Thirdly, while you are purchasing a cover, there is no wrong option, as you’ll get benefits in any case. However, don’t rash to give preference to cheap varieties, as they usually are not suitable.

Fourthly, look for different gas boiler breakdown covers, comparing their offers. If you compare, you’ll be able to define, which one is the best for you. There is no single insurance that is ready to cover any breakdown, but still there are such that can pay for the majority of needs.

Fifthly, choosing a suitable insurance, depend on your circumstances. In case your boiler only heats water for showers, baths and washing up, you can forget about extended options and additional expenses accompanied.

If you take into account all the tips, you will choose an optimal breakdown cover and benefit from the services provided.