Why Get Gas Boiler Flue Cover?

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gas boiler flue cover

Types of insurance and their prices may vary hugely. Gas boiler insurance gives homeowners the security of having their central heating and boilers checked regularly. You can be sure that someone will come if the mechanism breaks down.

You should choose the plan depending on the heating system you have.

What are boiler flues?

Boiler flues are used to control combustion fumes, which have to be discharged into atmosphere carefully, effectively and safely. These integral parts of the system increase efficiency of your boiler.

Flues that are installed incorrectly allow releasing poisonous substances in the surroundings. That is why it’s strongly recommended to have your boiler flue fitted by a qualified technician.

The key point of installation or upgrading your boiler is proper location of the flue outlet. You should avoid areas under windows, opposite walls, near the door or close to neighbors’ boundaries, as they are not appropriate for the flue setting.

What are the risk factors?

In some houses the flue can be out of sight, hidden in the ceiling or built-in. In such cases it is rather difficult to check the condition of the device and indicate whether the flue has been fitted correctly.

If the flue is not operating correctly, carbon monoxide (CO) could enter your property. The formation of this poisonous gas is caused by incomplete burning of solid fuel or oil. Although you cannot smell it, taste it or see it, this gas can injure quickly and even kill without a warning.

If you experience symptoms of CO poisoning or have some safety concerns about the flue system, stop using it and contact the gas emergency service. Never attempt to repair the appliance yourself, otherwise you can do more harm to your boiler and place your family at risk. Don’t install inspection hatches yourself, or you may damage fire or noise proofing.

Gas boiler repair

Most companies offer such issues as:

  • Quick identification of the problem, safety checks and boiler diagnostic.
  • The work is carried out by qualified engineers.
  • Competitive fixed prices, no matter how difficult the job.
  • You avoid costly extras because the service includes parts and labour.
  • 12-month guarantee on the work.
  • A 24/7 customer helpline. You can call the service as soon as you need it.

Boiler insurance

If you’d like to have your heating system checked regularly, you may consider gas boiler flue cover. Your energy supplier can offer this; however, you should compare prices and get the right option for you.

If you have typical gas boiler, you should choose the insurance that covers all of the following factors:

  • Annual servicing.
  • Repairs to your boiler system – parts and labour.
  • An unlimited number of claims within a year.
  • The replacement of a system, if necessary (normally with a limit).

In fact, a wide variety of heating cover plans is available today. You may want to use special boiler cover comparison services which will help you to find the plan matching all your requirements. Save your money on gas boiler flue cover and protect your gas central heating from breakdown!