Gas Boiler Insurance for Landlords. Is It Worth the Money Paid?

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If you are a landlord and aiming at protecting your property from surprise costs and legal problems, think of gas boiler insurance for landlords – something that gives a sort of a secure feeling of having boiler and central heating maintained and repaired at regular intervals, but without any great expenses. Interested?

gas boiler insurance for landlords

If you are a landlord, then you’re legally responsible for the safety of the tenants and, according to the law, you should:

  • maintain and repair gas pipework and appliances
  • ensure that gas safety checks are carried out regularly on each appliance
  • keep the records of all safety checks for at least 2 years

Main Reasons to Get Insurance for Boilers

Many landlords still believe that having insurance is nothing but a money waste. However, those, who’ve already got one, are now talking about the main reasons to get reputable covers.

There are two primer reasons:

  1. they ensure that the price for boiler repair is always met. So, there is no need to fund all the work on your own
  2. insurance helps to remove all the hassle of having to find either a boiler or gas engineer at a comparatively short time in order to fix the existing problems


Popular Covers

As for today, there is a great number of various gas boiler covers for landlords from different insurance companies. The choice of gas boiler insurance for landlords should always depend on the type of the system one has. Besides, it is also highly important to consider that most plans have limitations as to the number of claims one can make per year and the maximum amount that is allowed in every claim.

If there is a need to include safety inspections, annual services and scale damage, the premiums will be rather high. The only plus is the fact they can set one free of all problems from tenants. This makes them worth spending money on.

Among popular insurances there is a stand-alone landlord boiler insurance. It is mainly referred to as an optional extra to the landlord buildings as well as the contents policy. Some people benefits from the existing cover included.

An additional option is called landlords central heating insurance. This type normally covers boiler pump and gas boiler repairs, those of the property’s heating system together with related plumbing and electrical issues.

insurance for landlords

These insurances are now regarded as the best ways to make sure a landlord is not out of pocket when there is the need for emergency repairs in the rental property.

In case you want to include the cover to the insurance policy, it is highly important to take into consideration the following:

  • some polices have maximum limits as to the amounts one can claim for heating and boiler repairs
  • some polices have a limit on the number of boiler claims that one can make per one year
  • Look through available covers and choose gas boiler insurance for landlords that can meet all the needs you have. Make sure you have checked the limitations, as well as additional demands.