Qualifying for Gas Boiler Replacement Grants

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Gas boiler replacement grants that help to save a lot of money are now available all over the country thanks to the new governmental program. It is a well-known fact that replacing a boiler is one of the most expensive household running costs, however, with a grant scheme it is quite possible to get a grant and a new boiler absolutely free.

gas boiler replacement grants

The current situation is such that the Government is rather keen to encourage citizens to replace old and inefficient boiler models in favor of new ones that are A-grade boilers. What’s the benefit? This is a perfect way to cut down the rising energy bills and give off fewer CO2 emissions.

Let’s Find the Benefits

If you choose to install an energy efficient gas central heating boiler, you will definitely manage to cut down the energy usage in the house. And this is the primer reason why so many people would like to get gas boiler replacement grants. Nearly 60% of the gas bill is spent on heating water and the central heating system via a boiler. When the model is rather old, its owner is wasting a great sum of money yearly.

In case a person meets all boiler grant qualification criteria for low income households and his gas boiler isn’t of the condensing type, he can easily receive a new, energy efficient and ECO friendly boiler installed for free. This is a perfect variant to save a lot each year on domestic heating bills.

To the primer benefits of new boilers belong:

  1. lower costs of energy and heating bills = significant savings
  2. reduction of harmful Carbon Dioxide emissions, released into the environment
  3. an up-to-date Energy Performance Certificate
  4. new boilers are supplied and installed for free, which leads to huge initial and annual savings

replacement grants for gas boilers

Who Qualifies for a Boiler Grant?

To begin with, a current boiler must be C-G rated, meaning over 10 years old, to qualify for a gas boiler replacement grant. There are certain categories of families/people, who can get free grants. To them belong:

  • pension credit
  • child tax credit
  • child under 16 or under 20 (in case of full-time education but not University)
  • disability premium
  • disabled child premium
  • disabled worker element
  • employment support
  • pension premium
  • people over 60 years old
  • severe disability element

About Renewable Grants

If you want to install some renewable products, including ground source heat pumps or solar panels, small wind tubes or a biomass heater, you can get a grant from an energy provider.

Most of energy providers offer these products and grants to go with. So, there is no need to take your electricity or gas to qualify. You can get free renewable energy quotes from local installers for more information.

In case you meet all grant qualification criteria, you can save much cash both on purchasing new boilers and installing them, not speaking of saving on domestic energy costs. Currently millions of homes in the country qualify for free boiler grants. Thanks to a new governmental program yours can become one of them.