Applying for a Gas Boiler Scrappage Scheme. Benefits to Take, Obstacles to Avoid

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Gas boiler scrappage scheme is created for encouraging people, who own old and old-efficiency boilers, with newer models. In order to qualify for this scheme, one should have an appliance that is G-rated, according to the efficiency scale. Those units that are nearly 15 years old, but have a fixed pilot light, are still eligible.

gas boiler scrappage scheme

Units Fitted under the Scheme

The main purpose of a gas boiler scrappage scheme is encouraging energy efficiency. Only A-rated gas appliances can be fitted under it. Speaking of electronic models, it must be noted that they aren’t eligible, though the scheme covers biomass ones, micro CHOP units, if they are registered as those with a passive flue heat recovery device.

Generally speaking, the rules that govern the eligibility of new boilers can be somehow confusing for regular users. This is why you can use an expertise in order to know how to choose a new boiler model.

Such scheme has many benefits, however far not all of us can take them:

  • Today the scheme is open to nearly 100,000 householders all over the country, either in a privately rented or owned home.
  • If you are a tenant/householder and are 60 or even older, you can easily apply for this scheme, regardless of whether the appliance you are scrapping is in the working order. Nevertheless, it should be the unit used for home heating.
  • If you are a tenant/householder under 60 years, you are allowed to apply for this scheme, only if the unit you are scrapping is in the working order and is the primer unit that is used for home heating.

Who is eligible? These are only landlords and householders, who rent/own dwellings.

The Rules of the Scheme. What Are They?

As for today, there are many restrictions that govern who is going to qualify for a gas boiler scrappage scheme and accompanying discounts. Generally speaking, if the unit is older than 15 years, it is eligible. However, there is a number of specifications to work with.

To begin with, the appliance should be rated G, according to the standard energy efficiency ratings. Another indicator of boiler’s eligibility that is worth your attention is pilot lights. Models with permanent pilot light are, as a rule, G-rated.

The discount from the scheme is given as a voucher that is obtained after the buyer has answered a certain number of questions in the Energy Saving Trust. This can be done only by permanent homeowners and tenants.

To the list of special deals that can be offered belong:

  • free home care for annual maintenance of the boiler for one year
  • a standard discount that is on top of the scrappage allowances
  • free radiator valve controls for setting the temperatures of each of radiators (this saves energy)

Gas boiler scrappage scheme is a pretty desirable discount, which, unfortunately, can’t be received by everyone. When compared to other popular schemes people can benefit from, this sort of voucher payment is rather limited and this is why you are to find out whether you’re eligible right away.