Gas Boiler Troubleshooting: Home Ways of Repair

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gas boiler troubleshooting
If your home is heated with the help of a gas boiler, it is important to know which measures should be taken when this appliance operates wrong or when it doesn’t work at all. Of course, some of the technical problems should be entrusted to a qualified technician who maintains boilers daily. But there are not complicated issues which may be solved at home. Moreover, when something happens to your appliance at night, it is not possible to call the technician. Most often users face such malfunctions as:

  • Breakage of a boiler relay;
  • Problem with an expansion tank;
  • Insufficient water pressure.

Gas Boiler Troubleshooting Ways for Three Main Breakages

When your boiler produces inadequate heat level you should check the pressure gauge. It indicates the water pressure. The heating problem may be caused by an insufficient water level or abrupt changes of the atmospheres inside the system. The latter situation usually happens when the boiler system contains mineral sediments. In this case the next repairing procedure should be done. When a pressure gauge indicator shows low water pressure, you should simply add more water to the system. Open a water valve and fill in some quantity of water. When doing this you should watch the indicator of the pressure gauge. When it will show 12 psi, for instance, turn off the valve. During the maintenance it is important to refer to troubleshooting guide because various boilers have different technical features.

Sometimes deposits of minerals become the reason of inappropriate functioning of the appliance. In this case it is recommended to flush out pipes connected to a boiler.

A relay of a gas-fired boiler is its important part because it helps to save energy and collaborates with two other elements. These parts are thermostat and a water pump. If a thermostat sends a signal to engage heating of your house, the relay gets this signal before the execution and checks if there is enough hot water in a boiler. If it does, then the relay will engage a water pump to circulate the water.

Sometimes you may face the problem when a boiler doesn’t turn on or with interruptions. Such malfunction may be caused by damaged connection wires. In this case you should find a relay box. There are two lights on it. If these lights turn on and off fast or blink, then there is a connection problem. You should check the wires between a relay and a boiler. If you find them broken or fused then it is time to unplug the appliance and clean or change the connections.

The problem with an expansion tank happens due to the lack of air or water overflow. To solve this situation you should cool the tank closing water inflow. If it doesn’t work, try to drain some water from the tank through a purge valve. If this valve is absent, use the valve between the tank and the boiler. When the expansion tank functions wrong after all done, maybe a leaky pipe or a damaged relief valve is the main reason of the problem. In this case call the technician.