Gas Central Heating Boilers Prices. TOP Things that Affect the Cost.

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When the central heating system requires replacement, the cost of boiler is one of the main factors home owners are interested in the most. As for today, there are many various companies that are ready to send their qualified engineers to one’s home for assessing the type and the size of the boiler one needs. Here things usually depend on:

  • budget
  • the size of one’s home
  • the amount of hot water needed daily

gas central heating boilers prices

Today’s market offers a huge variety of different boilers, so it is really hard to give an exact quote of gas central heating boilers prices on average. But we’ll try.

The primer thing everyone should keep in mind is that intending to keep the costs at a minimum, it’s essential to get many quotes, and not to get lured into buying a boiler that gives more than you really need.

What are additional factors that affect gas central heating boilers prices? They are numerous, so let’s focus on the most important ones:

  1. the boiler type should meet the needs of the house and its owners
  2. it must be checked whether the gas supply needs upgrading
  3. the need for new radiators is also of high importance
  4. some boilers need moving
  5. sometimes there are electrical or building works needed
  6. some homeowners want to improve their energy efficiency, which means that in this case boilers will cost more

Types of Central Heating Boilers

The prices ultimately depend on the type of the boiler you’re about to choose. As for today, there are several primer types:

  • System heat-only boilers. They work on the principle of stored water. The majority of the components of this hot-water system are built into the model, which removes any need for expansion cistern and feed. This choice is ideal for those families, who need lots of storage place and have a pretty high demand for hot water.
  • Conventional heat-only open-vent boilers. This is an old-fashioned boiler type, which provides heat from radiators and hot water is stored in a cylinder. There is also a requirement for an expansion cistern, which means that this boiler type will cost a lot more.

central heating boilers prices

Such boiler replacement will cost on average nearly $4,000, taking into account that gas boilers are cheaper, as gas is a common type of fuel used.

With the increase of the property size, the cost will go up. If there are more than 2 bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms, there is a need for system boiler that stores hot water or a regular boiler. This allows a larger water supply, when needed (for example, if several showers are running at once).

Such types will cost you a lot more, because of a comparatively greater pipework complexity, from $4,000 to $6,000. Still, here things greatly depend on the things that are included.

And finally, the choice of the company also influences gas central heating boilers prices. Large central heating companies are a lot more expensive than independent ones. So, at times it is better to hire a reliable local plumber to forget about additional expenses.