Compact, Powerful and Efficient Gas Water Boiler Systems

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Gas water boiler appliances are different from combination heaters. The former are used to heat up the water for household needs, while the latter additionally provide heat for the living premises. Obviously, water-only heaters are not as universal as combi models, yet, they have several great advantages:

  1. Their structure is simple and firm. There are fewer moving parts offering rigid operation, easy maintenance, longer lifecycle and cost-effective repairs when necessary;
  2. Simple structure has another great benefit attached to it – low cost. There are much fewer expensive components, which greatly reduces their purchase price;
  3. They have a sole purpose – heat up water on demand. This helps to ensure solid water supply that is not dependent on current room-heating needs.


Given these advantages gas water boiler can be a great alternative to combi models. This is especially true if you got a bigger house or an apartment with more than just one bathroom. In that case single powerful appliance can satisfy your entire hot water needs, and a separate heat-only boiler will provide warmth during the cold season.

gas water boiler


Why Opt for Gas Water Boiler?

Gas water boilers are known to be the most efficient among all residential boilers. Heaters that use oil and other energy sources are often at least twice as expensive to operate as gas appliances. Moreover, gas technology has become truly widespread allowing top producers on the market to invest heavily in the R&D. This in turn ignited some significant technological know-how in the recent 15 years, bringing improved efficiency and more eco-friendly operation.

For instance, modern gas boilers utilize special recycling mechanisms to extract additional energy released by hot exhaust gases. In the earlier models these gases were simply allowed to the atmosphere and their energy potential has not been used at all. New technology allows modern gas boilers to consume 10-20% less gas to heat up the same amounts of water. Lower energy consumption, in turn, means reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.

What Features Do These Boilers Have?

Modern models offer great savings in reduced gas and water bills, but they are also extremely safe to operate and maintain. Here are some of the greatest features you can expect when buying a water-only boiler:

  • Safety is the leitmotif of all reputable modern producers. Modern heaters utilize various components that prevent a slightest possibility of accidents.
  • The vast majority of modern appliances utilize smart electronic controls that ensure safety and regulate gas consumption for optimized performance. Unfortunately, electronic controls can actually prevent the boiler from heating up the water in case the power is down.
  • Compact size is one of distinct advantages compared to the combi models. Water heaters usually utilize a wall-mount design and can be fitted to most any location.
  • Digital displays are still quite rarely used but they are featured in high-end, high-performing appliances targeted at large houses with three or more bathrooms. The display shows current temperature settings.
  • Some of advanced models additionally have built-in self-diagnostic tools that are linked to the digital display. In case a malfunction arises, notification will appear on the display.

Gas water boiler is a very useful household appliance to have at home. This compact and powerful device will satisfy all your hot water needs and provide big-time savings in gas and water bills.