Why Choose Glow-Worm Gas Boilers? Characteristics that Make These Units Perfect for any Home

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Glow-Worm is widely known for manufacturing a pretty wide range of appliances that are always ready to support all the demands of modern lifestyle. Its system boilers, open vent units, system store boilers and their accessories are popular due to reliability and affordability.

glow worm gas boilers

The brand was initially established in 1934. At that time it was recognized as a part of the list of world’s largest domestic gas boiler manufacturers. Though many years passed, its units are still popular and looked for. More than 75 years of positive experience in the heating business proves that Glow-Worm gas boilers suggest exceptional durability, high quality and reliability.

Ranges of Gas Boilers

Today there are different models of Glow-Worm gas boilers. Professionals recognize four main types:

  • Glow-Worm Combination (Combi) Boilers
  • Glow-Worm System Store Boilers
  • Glow-Worm System Boilers
  • Glow-Worm Open Vent Boilers

Combi boilers are the most popular. Among the vast range of offered models, customers choose the following ones:

  • Glow-Worm Ultracom boilers
  • Glow-Worm Flexicom boilers
  • Glow-worm Xtramax boilers

They are regarded to as the most reliable units that help users to reduce energy waste, cut down possible expenses as well as the exposure of harmful gases into the surroundings. Compact models with an attractive design are the choice of many citizens.

However, far not all needs can be satisfied after the installation of this appliance. This is when a customer should pick another model: system, system store or open-vent boilers. Before making your final choice, we suggest addressing professional services in order to get reasonable tips, as well as reading boiler reviews and customer feedbacks.

Gas Boilers and Their Features

Unlike many other manufacturers of heating units, Glow-Worm gas boilers’ producers are aiming at covering not only domestic needs. Today the manufacturers have moved to renewable technologies that improve hot water cylinders and domestic controls.

The greatest benefit is the fact any model can suit not only one’s heating and hot water needs, but also customer’s budget and home’s space. All modern models are known for being highly efficient. They are compact and flexible. There won’t be any problem during the installation process, and this makes life much easier, doesn’t it?

Most combination models, for example, are produced with an all-new-glide-down timer. Its aim is to provide a simple heating control. Many other models come with an alternative choice: a customer picks either a digital plug in or mechanical timer.

As there are many reliable manufacturers, it is getting harder to pick the one that holds the gas boiler you need. Choosing Glow-Worm gas boilers, you keep abreast with the times: you get new technologies and heating options. You spend less, but get more. Aren’t these the things an average citizen needs?