Free Government Based Grants for Gas Boilers. Are New Boilers More Efficient?

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Today there exists a vast number of free government-based grants for gas boilers that help to make one’s home more energy efficient and warmer. Recently the government has set up the system that helps many homeowners to get central heating grants as well as home insulation grants together with loft insulation that makes the home more energy efficient and contributes to the loss of expensive heat. This all helps to satisfy heating needs and cut down expenses.

gas boiler efficiency comparison

What Is a Grant?

A grant is either a voucher or money that contributes to the cost of buying the unit. Very often it doesn’t cover the full cost of the appliance, but it is free and can partially cut down possible expenses.

Such grants for gas boilers were initially introduced by the country’s government in order to help vulnerable households and people on a low income to heat their houses and homes more efficiently thanks to replacing their old boiler for free.

In order to be eligible for this grant, one should either own a house or rent it from a private landlord. The boiler he runs should be at least 10 years old. In addition an applicant should be in receipt of some benefits, allowances and tax credits.

New Boilers: Efficient or Not?

Such grants are created to help people replace their inefficient boilers to new models. Are new units more efficient? Definitely! Modern boilers are better for several reasons, however, their primer advantage is the fact they are condensing ones.

Well-maintained units burn fuel rather efficiently, but still they lose heat in hot gases, which escape the flue. When we speak of a condensing model, it has a comparatively bigger heat exchanger and recovers more heat, sending cool gases up the flue, which is more efficient. Rarely these flue gases get cool, so the water vapour condenses out. This is how more energy is going to recover from this vapour, preserving the efficiency levels.

Free Gas Boiler Grants for Pensioners

Pensioners aged over 60 years and those in receipt of Pension Credit, who receive Working Tax Credit, may qualify for a free gas boiler grant in order to become much more energy efficient and bring down their heating bills.

Check whether you meet the following criteria and are able to apply for a free grant:

  • you are 60 years old (or more) and receive Working Tax Credit
  • you own your own house/flat
  • you are currently in receipt of a Pension credit
  • you live in a privately rented accommodation

How to Apply for a Grant?

Anyone has a chance to apply for a free grant and get a desirable highly efficient new gas boiler. Applying for a Government home energy grant/ a new boiler is a quite simple process.

All you have to do is to submit your contact details and sent the application form. Soon an authorized assessor is going to contact you. Normally it takes a couple of days. He/she will arrange a visit to your place and will give your boiler a quick check. If it is eligible, he/she will set the date for installation.