Grundfos Hot Water Recirculating Pump

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Grundfos hot water recirculating pump was created to maintain constant storage of hot water closer to the consumption point in order to reduce water leak level and comfort improvement. It also increases hydraulic circulating system capacity.

It’s important to say that in 2002 Grundfos Comfort model of recirculating pump has got European award for industrial design.

General information

Mostly recirculating pump without hand control is used where water-flow fluctuation is not considarable. Controlled pump is used in complex water heat systems to adjust water flow and temperature at system startup.

grundfos pump

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  1. Recirculation pump
  2. Thermostatic valve group
  3. Water tank


Recirculation pump is installed in the curculation system of heat carrier to maintain and control its operating environment. The pump consists of electric motor and commutator, which insures motor voltage amplitude and accelerating torque frequency.

Its operating condition is regulated with the temperature inertia (i.e. hydraulic friction) of heating system.

Technical feasibility of the hot water recirculation pump includes hydraulic performance – head and discharge. Those criteria should be taken into account while pump installation in low heat power system.

grundfos hot water recirculating pump

How to install Grundfos hot water recirculating pump?

As a rule, private houses are recommended to install recirculation pump with cylinder barrel in water, i.e. such a structural feature allows the liquid flow to do cooling and oiling of moving parts. This makes recirculation pump performance soft-running and failure-surviving. And that is one of the main features of Grundfos hot water recirculting pumps.

Only specialist can help you to pick the right pump according to the hydraulic characteristics of your heating system. Type of windows, weatherization of walls, floor structure and covering, thermostatic evaporator pressure regulators are taken into account. Heating medium supply capacity is calculated to choose the right pump. While reconstructing the already set system, a controlled pump is preferable.

Improperly installed pump or air in the system can cause noise in heating lines. That’s why  hydraulic damper (also known as diaphragm pressure-booster) is recommended to install. It sustains static pressure needed in the heating system.

Houses more than 150 sq. m. in area should imply forced water circulation of the heat carrier for as much as natural convection can’t supply uniform heating of all heating radiators. It runs water in the heating system with set speed, quickly and effectively delivering heat all around the house.

grundfos recirculating pump

Why Grundfos?

You can turn off Grundfos recirculating pump for a season or even longer period without any harm. Even in case of saline deposits they can be easily removed turning on a pump on top speed. Some models have special function of sections clearing.

Pump shaft and bearing parts of Grundfos recirculating pumps are made of ceramic to prolong operational lifetime and guarantee soft-running performance.

Grundfos recirculating pumps are energy-saving and consume power as a lamp. What is more, all leading European pumpmakers, including Grundfos, have uniform classification of power consumption.

An average recirculating pump service life is 10 years. Manufacturer’s advice, such as correct installation, specially prepared water usage, prevention of the air in the system, are very important for smooth operation.

Grundfos recirculating pump saves 15 litres of hot water for each person a day. It can be used for private heater system and needs no equipment servicing.

The main features of the Grundfos recirculated pumps are operating economy, long operational lifetime, soft-running and downsizing at the same time.