Test Halstead Gas Boilers

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I can tell you that these guys have a wide range of quality products. I love the way they treat their consumers and the prices are affordable”. If you surf the Internet, you will find a lot of comments like this one. Heating systems including boilers of Halstead Boilers Ltd. are rather popular among customers throughout the world.

What is Halstead Boilers Ltd?

Halstead Boilers Ltd is the private company located in Halstead, the United Kingdom. This company offers their clients all the types of electronic heating equipment including equipment to heat homes, oil heaters, boilers and radiant heat equipment.
halstead gas boilers

Types of Gas Boilers

Nowadays  there are four most popular types of gas boilers on the market. Each of them has its own pros and cons. To choose one which will meet all your wishes, requirements and possibilities (including financial) you should know their specific features:

  • Combi gas boilers. In the UK and the USA it is the most popular and available type of boiler for people who want to have gas central heating and hot domestic water. Their advantages are easiness of installation and possibility to save energy and space with the help of it.
  • Heat only gas boilers. These boilers were created to warm water and heat houses with the help of storage cylinders and cold water tanks in the loft.
  • System gas boilers. In these systems such components as pump and expansion vessel are already provided with tanks. It makes the process of installation easier and quicker. If you buy such boiler, your running costs and time wastes will be diminished.
  • Back boilers. This type of boiler also secures central heating and hot water but it is small, compact and works involving a hot water storage cylinder. This type is considered to be the most innovative and the most efficient nowadays.

Advantages of Halstead Gas Boilers

As you can see almost all modern types of gas boilers have their advantages and drawbacks. But Halstead boilers Ltd can offer you a great choice of possible ways to heat your homes and have hot water: combi boilers, system boilers, conventional, condensing and even energy-efficient boilers. Their boiler models possess such qualities:

  • Maximum CH output is 30.0kW
  • Wide modulation range tailors output from to 8.2kW up to 30.0kW
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Quiet and efficient work of the boiler
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in the UK
  • Equipped only with high-quality components
  • Boilers possess excellent corrosion resistance
  • Boilers are easy to manage and to control
  • There is frost protection
  • Compact dimensions (mm) are 760(H) x 455(W) x 365(D)
  • Control panel is located behind drop door
  • Display lights show boiler status
  • All the models are well and efficiently designed.

We sincerely hope that you will try Halstead gas boilers and receive the evidence that this company really offers one of the best heating systems on the market nowadays. It will give you the possibility to warm you home but at the same time to save you money.