Help-Link Boilers Reviews: A Team of Professionals to Rely On

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Help-Link was established in 1998 and over a decade became a very successful national business. The core of the success is the company’s commitment to make the process of purchasing a new boiler not only simple, but also affordable for all households.

help link boilers reviews

According to the latest Help-Link boilers reviews, the brand has developed an alternative financial option, which aim is to allow all customers to replace/upgrade their old heating units with the monthly payments. This is a perfect chance to reduce fuel bills and improve energy efficiency levels.

Installing new boilers Help-Link helps many families stay warm, paying a lot less than they used to. Today the brand maintains and services nearly 5,000 boilers monthly. This all builds its strong reputation nationwide.

A very rapid expansion shows how successful the company is. Staff’s hard work helps to achieve great results! Today about 99% of all Help-Link customers assured that the service is perfect, and nearly 97% of them have already recommended it to their friends and relatives.

Boiler Installation

Unlike many other popular companies, this one never offers cheap and low-quality heating units. Read Help-Link boilers reviews and you will find out that the staff suggests taking affordable models. Their prices are recognized as the most cost effective on today’s market.

As a rule, they suggest combi boilers that are known for being the most reliable option. However, this appliance cannot suit all homes. This is when company’s professional engineers help in determining an appropriate heating system choice. Condensing boilers are additional options to pay attention to. They work reusing waste gas ejected through the flue system and passed through the 2nd heat exchanger, extracting additional heat.

When address Help-Link services? It is recommended to switch to a new boiler model, if the one you are currently using is more than 10 years old, and doesn’t operate the condensing technology. In this case you are going to reduce the heat loss by 40%, saving money on bills.

Both combi and conventional boilers installed by the company feature condensing technology. However, combination models are recommended more often, due to having combined heating storage, which means you can save much more.

When it comes to heating, Help-Link considers both price and quality. They work with different reliable partners in order to supply the best renewable options (including solar panels and heat pumps) for all types of homeowners. Professionals are ready to install a boiler within a 24 hour notice. In case a user would like to save both money and energy, they can point him in the government grant direction, as well as financial help.

Read Help-Link boilers reviews and you’ll see that the company has a team of professionals, who can install any boiler model. Contact them and find out more about the options you have, the boilers you can choose from and the sum you’ll have to spend.