TOP Reasons to Choose High Efficiency Natural Gas Boiler

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A gas boiler, like many other gas appliances, can be adapted to burn either propane or natural gas. Though according to the name, the appliance should boil water, it actually doesn’t. Instead of boiling, it simply heats it. A model that is more than ten years old usually operates inefficiently, even if it functions perfectly well. When comparing it to modern high efficiency equipment, it should be noted that it is designed inefficiently. So, what’s the possible way out?

high efficiency natural gas boiler

Your old model should be changed to a high efficiency natural gas boiler. When replacing with a modern version, one always sees positive effects:

  • less energy consumed
  • lower household bills
  • fewer CO2 emissions

A high efficiency natural gas boiler saves money, so that you can freely spend them on those the things you need. Plus, this is your personal contribution to the environmental protection for future generations.

What Does High Efficiency Mean?

When referred to boilers, this term means:

  1. savings
  2. improvement of the environment


According to the latest researches, a high-efficiency natural gas boiler can help to lower all heating bills up to 30%. A boiler reset control cuts down heating bills up to 10%. A gas water heater lowers all water heating bills up to 30%. And a seven day programmable thermostat saves up to $180 per year.

If you upgrade your boiler from 50% to 90% efficiency in a cold climate house, this will help to save nearly 1.5 tons of emissions of Carbon Dioxide per year.

Benefits of High Efficiency Natural Gas over Oil Boilers

Many people still don’t know what types of high efficient boilers to give preference to: gas or oil ones? Specialists state that gas models are more beneficial. Let’s find out, whether it’s true.

high efficiency natural boiler

Oil models are binary: this means they fire at 100% and then shut off. Natural ones are modulating, which means they fire at a fraction of output in order to match the load by reducing the firing rate up to 75%. This ensures a much more efficient and smoother operation.

Oil boilers must be connected to natural draft chimneys, which pull air up them, so cold air from the outside is constantly sucked into the house through doors, windows and small cracks, replacing the warm air that goes up to the chimney.

Such boilers cool down the house in order to provide combustion air that is needed for the boiler, whereas high efficiency natural gas boilers use outdoor air for combustion, managing to keep the warm air in the house.

If we talk about condensing gas boilers with a plastic pipe, it should be pointed out that they pull much heat out of the flame, thus some of the exhaust condenses into liquid before exiting the boiler. Trapping this heat, the boiler gains 10% more of efficiency, rating up to 95%. These technical characteristics make gas boilers much more beneficial than oil ones.

Having a high efficiency natural gas boiler helps to save more, while paying the bills. Look for a model to suit your heating system and take all the benefits provided!