When Do You Need a Homecare Boiler Service?

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homecare boiler service

As well as all heating appliances, a boiler in your home should be serviced regularly to ensure that it works efficiently and safely. This will help to keep the device working at the optimum level. Early failures can be easily detected and successfully rectified in good time.

If you notice that you cannot get as much hot water as before or it runs out too quickly, don’t hesitate to contact a technician. Make sure that homecare boiler service is carried out by experienced and qualified engineers.

Does your boiler require servicing?

How to determine whether your boiler needs servicing? Such little things as inspecting the level of water and temperature changes will help to indicate the device condition. The following easy steps can help you to determine whether your boiler needs servicing.

  • Make sure the level of water in your boiler is adequate for use.
  • Inspect the combustion on your boiler.
  • Both the temperature of your boiler and operating pressure should be checked.
  • Check the boiler’s gas pressure and temperature of the flue gas.
  • Check the temperature and pressure of feed water.
  • Inspect the burner’s general operation.
  • The feed water pump operation must be also checked.

Perhaps these checks may seem complicated, but with the help of the manufacturer’s literature you will easily understand how to carry them out safely and accurately.

In case of boiler breakdown you should search for a qualified engineer. However, if your insurance covers boiler repair, the manufacturer or insurance company must take this problem into their own hands. You can call a 24 hour emergency number in order to contact service agents. They will give recommendations, depending on the situation.

Usually insurance companies either contact an engineer from their trusted companies or require that you contact a specialist yourself and show the quote after the repair.

How to choose a reliable engineer?

Attempting to fix your boiler without the proper qualification can be very dangerous. That is why you should hire a reliable and completely qualified engineer who can undertake any boiler repair.

As a rule, engineers work either independently or as a part of a company. You can find a good technician on-line or through a local newspaper. Make sure that you can trust the specialist. Always try to get as much information about his professional skills as possible. Use the Internet to find references or ask your friends whether they could recommend a good engineer in order to avoid a “bad apple” in business.

Usually a typical homecare boiler service may take around an hour, depending on your problem. A qualified engineer will perform several tests on your boiler during a service. A variety of components and systems will be checked including: oil/gas leaks, noises giving warning signals of pending component failures, boiler start-up performance, etc. After the procedure you will have the appliance repaired, safe and efficiently operating.