How to Service a Gas Boiler: 10 Essentials Involved, or What Does It Actually Take?

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how to service a gas boiler
Gas central heating has long been preferred for heating homes in Europe and America. However, in the former and latter countries they use different appliances behind the central heating: a boiler and a furnace. Thus, the boiler heats the water in radiators or pipes; but the furnace heats air through ducts. Anyway, once your boiler or furnace has been installed, it must be serviced annually for further efficient and safe work. What does this actually mean for you, as a home owner?



Gas Boiler Service or Warranty Breakdown Repair: The Basics

  • How to service a gas boiler always starts from inviting a qualified and registered heating engineer. A professional will check and test a defined set of standards, regulations and criteria. This concerns installation of your heating system and safe/correct/efficient work, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively, there is also a manual guide to such a service procedure, which accompanies your boiler purchase.
  • Various types of boilers require various checks. But at the very least the pros should: check the condition of the boiler and its work; possible leaks and carbon monoxide producing; gas pressure, valves and pump; adequate ventilation; clear/safe flue; the position of the boiler. This and that inspection is essential for the safety of the entire system.
  • Typically, the service process takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on the work type and boiler condition.
  • Obviously, the price differs because of procedures involved. The average price is about $100; though, excess sum may be reasonable in some cases too. Keep in mind that in summer heating engineers are cheaper than during their busy faults in winter. After all, you pay for a well-trained, qualified expert, who holds your insurance.
  • It’s important to contact the manufacturer for any boiler repairs within the warranty period.
  • A boiler is usually more complex than an air furnace, because of having many parts, valves and controls. Nevertheless, gas boilers are reliable. Most problems generally relate to water circulator pump or expansion tank.

4 Expert Advice for Homeowners

service a gas boiler

Service your boiler once a year for its running smoothly and safely.

Run your heating once a month, even in summer. This way you’ll make it run efficiently and clear the boiler’s pump of any grit, when not in use.

* Fit a carbon monoxide detector for leak warning.

Avoid blockages by neither covering your gas boiler nor blocking the air vents. Watch out the outside flues too.

So, in order to keep your gas boiler working safely, all the manufacturers strongly recommend its service and maintainance regularly. You should also prepare your appliances for the colder months. Thus, they will less likely break down suddenly. In fact, it’s necessary to look after your gas boiler the same as you look after yourself. If so, your home heating will be constantly healthy.