Ideal Classic Gas Boiler Manual: 4 Easy Steps to Comfort

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As life goes on, new heating systems are implemented, making your house safer and warmer. Some of them become etalons of quality and performance. Ideal boilers are among the most popular and renowned trademarks. This is an Ideal classic gas boiler manual, aimed at assisting you to create comfort in your house.

Ideal is a long-known company, operating for more than 15 years and providing customers with reliable and efficient devices for central heating and water boiling. The classic composition of the boiler is a wall-mounted, fanned and balanced gas fueled scheme, as depicted below:

ideal classic gas boiler manual

  1. The boiler should have some clearances around it in order to function properly and without overheating:
  • 100 mm above and below the boiler,
  •  5-10 mm at the each side of the boiler,
  • At least 450 mm in front of the boiler.

FYI: Be very careful and attentive during installation to avoid being hurt with sharp steel sheets. The device should be firmly fixed and have steady connection to all pipes and vents before lighting it up. The boiler MUST be efficiently earthed. It must use the 3-pin jack and all energy cables should be properly connected – brown to brown (L), green to green, and black to black (N).

  1.  The control panel is in the lower part of the boiler. It is either open or closed, protecting the controls. It is easily opened by pulling the finger grip. The sight glass is located straight above the control panel, allowing you to check if the boiler is ignited and functions properly. Please keep that out of children’s reach in order to avoid boiler break and possible flaming. Remember to check the vents regularly and do not use the boiler in case of damage or malfunction.
  1. To launch the system please complete these steps:
  • Check that the power supply is OFF
  • Open the control panel
  • Open the gas inlet
  • Press overheat reset button, if it is present
  • The main switch should be OFF
  • Switch ON the power supply
  • Select the maximum heat level with the thermostat knob and switch the mains to ON. In about 15 seconds the boiler will ignite and you will see this through the sight glass
  • Select the needed heat level with the thermostat and close the control panel

To shut down the system please do the following:

  • Set the boiler switch to off (for short periods of inactivity) or
  • Turn off the boiler and power supply (for long periods of inactivity).
  1. In winter, it is better to use the maximum heat level in order to heat your domestic water and central heating system. In summer the minimum level of heating is quite enough for heating your domestic water line. However, these recommendations are not mandatory, so set these parameters the way you wish.

If you smell gas, call your local gas customer service immediately and do not try to repair the boiler yourself before their arrival!

This Ideal classic gas boiler manual shortly describes the installation, operation and maintenance of the Ideal boilers. Follow it to ensure your house is warm, comfortable and safe!