Ideal Standard Gas Boilers: Efficient, Safe and Reliable

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Ideal Standard gas boilers are manufactured by a UK company that has been in the heating business for over a century. Technologically-sound, efficient and ecologically friendly – these appliances are very well known in many countries of the world.

Gas boiler by this producer can be a viable and economical alternative to the most expensive and advanced heaters currently marketed. They offer a whole range of products that can satisfy heating needs of different users, depending on the size of their property or apartment and other variables. Below you will find information on Ideal Standard heaters and some of their great features.

Why Consider Ideal Standard Gas Boilers?

First and foremost, these UK-built heaters are known to be among the most efficient residential boilers around. R&D activities carried out by the company made their new generation products at least 30% more efficient than any gas boiler manufactured just 15 years ago. That’s why, nearly every Ideal Standard model can be found in the list of the top-performing boilers in their respective segments.

Greatly improved fuel-efficiency is a product of the company’s dedication to research. During the last decade, they were among the first to introduce some important know-how, which made their heating systems increasingly attractive:

  • For instance, they started producing gas boilers with the exhaust gas recycling system long before most of their competitors in the UK and abroad copied or imitated this scheme. Hot exhaust gases with their enormous energy potential were simply released to the atmosphere, greatly restricting appliances’ efficiency. New system allowed re-using these gases and reducing energy consumption by gigantic 10-30%.

Low emissions became another byproduct of the improved efficiency. Less natural gas is required to heat up the water, which in turn means fewer greenhouse gases get to the atmosphere. Also, fuel economy leads to reduction of utility bills, saving hundreds of pounds each year. Below you can find other useful features all Ideal Standard heaters have.

ideal standard gas boilers

Features of Ideal Standard Gas Boilers:

  • Reliability – these heaters are designed to last. Like any other industrial product, Ideal Standard boilers may require service and maintenance at a certain point of time in the future. Yet, the statistics of failures and malfunctions is generally favorable.
  • Safety – technology allows making modern gas heaters exceptionally safe. Accidents are virtually impossible with these appliances.
  • Electronics – low fuel consumption and high safety standards are ensured by the complex but rigid electronic controls installed on every model.

Ideal Standard have one of the best gas boiler product ranges in the whole industry. Their strategy is to have a model or two for a property or apartment of any size. Browse their selection of terrific products and find a heater you deserve.