Intergas Boilers for Your Home: Why Are They Worth Buying?

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Intergas is a well-known manufacturer of high-efficiency condensing boilers that boasts modern technologies and innovations, which help to produce heating units that are characterized by reliability and quality. Buying an Intergas boiler you get a solid and safe unit within your place.

intergas boilers

For those, who don’t know, Intergas is a Dutch company that was founded in 1989 and soon became one of Europe’s largest boiler manufacturers. It mainly offers a quite wide range of condensing boilers that feature fewer moving parts than models from other manufacturers. This is why they are more reliable and don’t require much servicing.

While producing their condensing boilers, the company’s specialists use a special technology, which allows conversion from a combination unit to a system appliance that has several simple adjustments. What does it mean? If a customer aims at extending his property, he shouldn’t have to get worried about changing his heating units, as Intergas boilers will fit in any place. Isn’t that beneficial?

Such units are pretty easy to use and maintain. They are regarded to as highly efficient boilers, thus help their owners to save much money throughout the lifetime. These are the features that bring Intergas boilers to the list of best heating units.

Boilers’ Distinguishing Features

Why choose these boilers? There are several reasons. To begin with, they have an energy efficient design – a unique patented double 2-in-1 heat exchanger. This type of exchanger ensures the heat loss reduction, as well as the heat optimum transfer.

Thanks to the hot water circuits and separate central heating, Intergas combination boilers do not use diverter valves and secondary domestic hot water plate heat exchangers. This all is very helpful in elimination of an important source of possible failures of the boiler’s components.

intergas boilers for home

In addition, the brand is always ready to suggest a 5 year labor and parts warranty. And this is the final factor that makes more and more people give their preference to such units.

How Much Do the Units Cost?

As the manufacturer sells its boilers through a vast number of outlets, it is obvious that prices may vary, depending on where a customer buys the units from.

The commonest models and their prices:

  • Combi Compact HRE: 36/30 –  ?855.29, 28/24 – ?779.69, 24/18 – ?704.09
  • Compact HRE 18-24-30 SB: 30 – ?828.00, 24 – ?756.00, 18 – ?684.00
  • Compact HRE 18-24-30 OV: 30 – ?820.80, 24  – ?748.80, 18  – ?676.80

If you would like to get acquainted with the full list of Intergas boilers suppliers, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and look through the merchant section available there. You can even type your post code to see the list of the closest Intergas boiler supplies available in your area.

Intergas boilers are well-known for their efficiency, safety and availability. Getting any of the brand’s units, you choose one of the best boilers available on today’s market.