Megaflow Boiler System: How to Benefit Refusing from Regular Heating Options?

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Water comes into one’s home at great speed, rate, as well as pressure, but still not everyone uses its full amount. So, the liquid is stored in a tank. What does it mean? It means that the system has the force of gravity in order to power the needed outlets. As a result, the speed the water is acquired in and delivered is slow. FYI, this is a real problem.

megaflow boiler

Megaflow boiler systems are especially designed for utilization of pressure from water mains, thus solving a great number of different challenges users have been experiencing all the time. This is how you get a pretty high pressure to practically all existing outlets, without any need to use noisy pumps and tanks. Besides, the number of locks decreases as well.

What do you know about megaflow? This is a common name for all unvented hot water storage systems. The work of the system is designed for storing hot water at mains pressure in especially designed hot water cylinders. These cylinders help to provide hot liquid at a great number of points, thus allowing using two or even more showers at the same time. Isn’t that beneficial?

Generally speaking, the megaflow boiler system is hot water that is stored under a defined pressure. The primer aim is giving the same pressure throughout the house. This is a perfect choice of a boiler, in case you have very high hot water demands. Do you?

Benefits of Megaflow Boiler Systems

To begin with, the benefits are numerous. We are going to speak about the main ones:

  1. powerful mains pressure showering
  2. balanced cold and hot flow rate to all existing outlets at a relatively high pressure
  3. comparatively faster filling baths
  4. pretty fast recovery rates
  5. when compared to conventional vented hot water systems, this one is more hygienic , as the water isn’t stored in tanks. This can’t allow bacterial growth
  6. comparatively faster running taps
  7. there is a duplex stainless steel construction of the cylinder, which provides maximum heat retention, thus increasing the efficiency of the heating units, as well as lowering running costs
  8. there’s no need for external expansion vessels or water storage tanks
  9. there’s no need for shower pumps or booster
  10. the system like this one is faster and is more energy efficient at heating water
  11. megaflow boiler system retains the water temperature for a longer period of time
  12. the cylinder can be placed practically anywhere within the property
  13. the entire system is very reliable and, requiring very little maintenance, it comes with a 25-year transferable warranty


The megaflow boiler system is much better because its mains with hot water stored allow users having an immersion back up, in cases of sudden boiler breakdown. In addition, using this system you will get a much better hot water pressure for feeding two and even three bathrooms (a simple combination boiler will hardly manage the task. Besides, if it breaks down, there won’t be heating and back up).