Munchkin Gas Boiler: Features & Principles of Operation

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munchkin gas boiler
The today’s market offers different types of home heating systems, thus presenting the best, but leaving a definite choice for its customers. Every system may have its advantages & disadvantages towards each other, but if you’re looking for an efficient solution meeting your higher demands regarding energy consumption and ease of operation, nothing equals the high efficiency condensing technology with Munchkin Gas Boilers being part of it.

Munchkin Contender Condensing Gas-Fired Heater: The 21st Century Best Heating Solution

Munchkin Gas Boiler is one of the most efficient and compact residential heaters currently available on the market. The Munchkin has set an innovation standard for the heating industry as the best high efficiency low mass boiler produced in the USA. The most famous is Munchkin Contender Gas Boiler, which is a Modulating Condensing Boiler featuring a compact wall hung design that operates very quietly, thus firing either on natural gas, or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). The simplified design of the device (stainless steel heat exchanger built into a single assembly enclosing the water manifold and back flue), in combination with its easy installation, high efficiency (92-93% AFUE) and rather long service-free operation contributes to its lower cost, making it one of the most saleable gas-fired heaters on the market.

Munchkin Contender Gas Boiler: Modulation & Condensing Boiler Feature

Munchkin Gas Boiler combines the modulation and the condensing boiler feature including the following:

  • modulation feature (a burner modulates in order to match your heating demands monitored with the help of a microprocessor with an LED display);
  • condensing boiler feature (an extra section uses the heat of flue gases to preheat the water coming into the boiler, thus condensing the flue gases into water and cooling them enough for exhausting through PVC pipe).

Munchkin Gas Boiler’s General Features: The Highest Quality Appliance

Generally, Munchkin Contender Gas Boilers combine various features, which make them beneficial than other traditional single firing heaters. These features include the following:

  • ultra high efficiency (up to 95.1 AFUE);
  • versatile range (suit any residential application by ranging from 50,000 to 399,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs);
  • turndown ratio 3 to 1:
  • greater turndown allows modulation at lower firing rates, which improves component reliability, conserves energy and reduces shirt cycling;
  • modulating technology matches fuel consumption to heating demand in order to provide high efficiency of the system even during low load conditions;
  • installation flexibility (easy to install, lightweight design, zero clearance to combustibles, indirect water heater integration, small footprint);
  • venting options (concentric, vertical, sidewall, unbalanced);
  • quality design (extremely durable stainless steel heat exchanger: resists corrosion and boasts excellent heat transfer properties);
  • progressive control interface;
  • energy star rated (eligible for utility company rebates and tax credits).