Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs: National Grid Gas Boilers

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national grid gas boilers
Today’s market presents a number of domestic heating and hot water systems, the variability of which meets requirements of various customers. Such variability gives you the possibility to choose any home heating systems that suits your home and satisfies your demands: steam radiant heating system, radiant heating system, forced air heating and cooling system, boilers (gas, oil, LPG), geothermal heating system, hydronic (hot water baseboard) system, etc. All of them have their pros and cons, but if you’re looking for convenient, high efficiency and cost-effective home heating system combination, take another look at gas boilers.

Gas Boilers for Home Heating: Things You Should Know

Gas boilers are the market’s most popular home heating system option. This high quality heating system has a number of advantageous which speak for themselves: convenient, highly efficient & reliable (smooth operation), easily-serviced (basic maintenances required on a regular basis to prevent undesired major repairs), cost-effective/energy-saving (uses little amounts of electricity, as the heat comes from the burnt gas, which is then used for domestic heating & hot water purposes), and, what’s most important, environmentally-friendly. All the abovementioned benefits have given rise to National Grid’s High Efficiency Heating Rebate Programs, which should serve the only goal – make this environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment even more affordable for an average customer.

National Grid Gas Boilers: High Efficiency Heating Rebates

If you would like to install a high-efficiency natural gas heating boiler, which will prove helpful both to the environment and to your wallet (saves up to 30% of your heating-related energy costs), simply address National Grid, able to help you make this cost-effective equipment more affordable. National Grid promotes special Residential Energy Efficiency National Grid Gas Boilers Rebate Programs offering cash rebates of up to $5,460 for gas boilers, furnaces, boiler reset controls, programmable thermostats, indirect water heaters, heating duct insulation, air sealing, etc.

These National Grid’s High Efficiency Heating Rebates, which vary depending on equipment type and where customers reside, are usually available for existing residential gas heating and oil-to-gas conversion customers. In order to qualify for rebate your heating equipment must meet National Grid efficiency standards, and must be installed by a qualified/licensed heating contractor or plumber (Web Submission ID must be obtained), who can help you to select the heating equipment that’s right for your home. After installation (within 60 days of the rebate reservation request), complete any required documentation and submit a rebate form, and mail it correspondingly. After that you may be granted a cash rebate.