New technology will allow gas boilers to think

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baxi technology
Baxi has developed advanced technology «Think – intelligence inside”. With this newest system boilers will think! New lines of gas boilers Luna Platinum and Luna Duo-tec MP were developed on basis of this technology.

New automation system of these boilers allows managing of all the core technology of heating, which creates energy-efficient integrated systems. «Think» technology makes gas boiler simple and easy to use. Also, solutions of Baxi are allows unskilled users to conveniently manage all boiler systems with detachable remote controllers. The program has a wide range of settings for heating and domestic hot water with installation of the climatic characteristics in accordance with the criteria of comfort, chosen by the user, and visualization of the error messages in the case of any faults. All these comes with the possibility of daily and weekly programming. In addition, the electronic system of the boiler provides access to a number of regulatory options and configuration of the boiler, so technicians might be able to optimize performance based on the type of system used.

Lineup of wall boilers Luna Platinum consists of condensing boilers with a capacity of 12 to 32 kW. This series features high efficiency, simple usage and installation, and a huge number of accessories for single and cascade installation. It is specifically designed for new buildings, which has very low heat loss because of the good thermal insulation of walls. In existing buildings, the heat consumption is reduced in the off-season (spring and early fall). These factors contribute to more frequent interruptions in the heat consumption, which contributes to an energy loss and rapid deterioration of the boiler equipment because of the frequent switching on and off. This problem was solved by burner modulating system of Luna Platinum, which allows to automatically regulate the output power of the boilers burner according to the energy consumed by the building in a very large range (the range of modulation boiler reaches 1:10). This system allows appreciable energy saving level and greatly extends the service life of equipment.

Also Luna Platinum boiler is equipped with a GAC (Gas Adaptive Control) – the new gas control system. GAC combines the new electronic control system with a new gas valve to optimize the regulation of the burning process. It provides the following advantages for installation and operation of the boiler: fast and easy installation of the boiler; The burning process is automatically adapted to the type of gas and the length of chimneys to reach optimum efficiency, thus saving gas and reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Lineup of higher power wall boilers Luna Duo-tec MP consists of gas boilers with a capacity of 50 to 110 kW. Spiral heat exchanger made of stainless steel with a small amount of water in this lineup results in a low thermal inertia, which is a great advantage against other gas boilers of that capacity. All other features of the Luna Duo-tec MP boilers are similar to Luna Platinum.

About the Baxi Group

Baxi Group is a part of BDR Thermea – the world leading manufacturer and distributor of smart climate and sanitary hot water solutions. Its investment is based on boiler products and renewable technologies, including solar thermal hot water systems, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, biomass and micro-combined heat and power.