New Yorker boiler review (part 1)

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When it comes to residential water heating, there is no alternative to top-grade boilers – steel, cast iron & indirect-fired. The American New Yorker™ Boiler Company Inc. offers a wide range of specialized products & accessories. No matter, what you are – a builder, a wholesale distributor, a heating contractor, a fuel dealer, a residential customer or the Company partner – they have the boiler you really need.

What’s So Special about New Yorker Hydronic Heating?

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Either new or traditional homes now opt for hydronic method of heating: steam/hot water instead of the air. No wonder, as 2 types of hydronic heat is actually delivered: *radiant heat warming directly, similar to the sun & ** convected heat that warms due to the room’s air circulation. More so, you may choose among several various devices using these 2 heating processes.

In other words, let the hot water from your own New Yorker™ boiler circulate through the floor radiant tubing or stand-alone/slim baseboard radiators, coil unit or whatsoever for different purposes: central air-conditioning & heating of living spaces, washing & cooking, swimming pools & hot tubs, driveways without ice/snow & radiant sidewalks!

New Yorker Boilers: 5 Highlights

  • The Company supplies the modern residential heating market with a full-value line of boilers as part of Bumham Holdings Inc. that’s been in business for 125 years.
  • Their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or simply AFUE is as high as nearly 87.8%. Their heating capacities range within 31-244 MBH.
  • N.Y. boilers come as a) steam & gas fired water or b) steam & oil-fired water ones. New Yorker™ boilers present steel oil-fired series (FR/FR-HGS/AP-U) & cast-iron series (gas-fired CG-D Water/PVCG-B Water/CGS-A Steam & oil-fired CL Water/CI-HGS 3-Pass Water/CL Steam).
  • New Yorker™ manufacturer offers a few warranties: 1) 1-year warranty on all boilers; 2) 5-year warranty on pressure vessels; 3) limited, pro-rated lifetime warranty on heat exchangers; 4) free of charge repairs for the first 10 yrs.
  • Every Company’s boiler is proudly made with economy, safety & serviceability.

new yorker boiler

CG-D water series
This is your reliable, wise & economical choice. Due to the specific CG-D’s design, you’ll maximize the heat transfer & thus, fuel use efficiency. Metal section connectors stay immune to chemicals, which means your boiler will live longer. CG-D Water Series comes as a completely packaged unit with top quality components in 9 sizes.
CGS-C steam series
This is an affordable & comfortable heat source with name brand controls/accessories only. It has been designed for easy maintenance & money saving during installation. 81.5% AFUE makes the unit your solid investment for decades, while aluminized burners contribute to durable service. There are 6 different sizes.
CL water series
This variety combines the economy & durability. Home heating has never been so easy, due to the domestic water heater – built-in, tankless, optional. CL Series boilers are easy to own & maintain (there is a burner swing door), simply ideal for cast iron radiators & radiant floor heat (high water capacity).
FR series
These steel boilers, turbulators & heat exchangers are custom made for easy room accessibility. Meet Honeywell controls, Taco circulator, Beckett oil burner & deluxe insulated jacket to get abundant hot water, but reduce your heat losses. 6 sizes available.
AP-U series
This is the 84% AFUE efficiency minimum, which means more savings for you. Top rated for its far-famed performance. The construction meets the ASME boiler requirements & pressure vessel codes. Non-mounted circulator will fit almost any situation.

How to Choose a Perfect New Yorker™ Boiler? 3 Expert Advice

  • Opt for basic units, if searching the least efficient & least expensive boilers.
  • Opt for premium units, if searching more efficient (89% AFUE maximum) & more expensive boilers.
  • Opt for ultimate units, if searching the so-called condensing boilers, which can boast 90+% AFUE % are considered to be the most expensive.

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