Oil filled electric baseboard heaters: general review

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The warm and comfort atmosphere in the house may be easily created with the help of modern equipment. And electric baseboard heaters play first fiddle for this. A special place among them is given to oil filled electric baseboard heaters. This type of heaters possesses numerous advantages. Therefore, it achieved incredible renown at present.

Nowadays, the world market offers an enormous variety of oil filled electric baseboard heaters. In such a way, every person may be really lost and mistaken with the choice of a proper heater. So, pursuing an object of assistance, we will try to point out all important nuances, characteristics and moments you should pay attention on while making a purchase of oil filled electric baseboard heater.

Principles of Work

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Oil filled electric baseboard heater is a metallic construction that has a container with specific mineral oil and heating body inside. Outwardly, it looks like usual radiator. However, the principle of its work differs substantially.

  • Being turned on the electricity network, the heating coil of heater begins to warm the oil;
  • The boiling oil gradually extends its warmth to metallic carcass that heats air;
  • The time of complete room heating directly depends on kitting of oil filled electrical baseboard heater;
  • Usually, oil filled electrical baseboard heaters are used for heating of a separate room. However, due to the great portability, one high-powered heater may keep a normal temperature of the whole living area. Practically all oil filled electric baseboard heaters are equipped with several operating regimes that adjust intensity of air heating.
  • Oil filled electric baseboard heaters are equipped with overheating shield. Besides, such type of heater saves electric energy with the help of its internal timer that turns off the device when air is heated enough.

Main Types of Oil Filled Electric Heaters

There exist numerous models of oil filled heaters. They differ by their own set of various subfunctions, integrated mechanisms as well as functioning place. In accordance with the specific location and aims of their usage, heaters are divided into:

oil filled electric baseboard heaters

  • Wall-type;
  • Floor-standing;
  • Desk-mounted;
  • Special devices for kid beds.

Wall-type oil filled electric heaters are more economic considering their electric energy usage. Desk-mounted heaters feature low heat return. However, electric baseboard heaters are the most popular ones because they are multifunctional. Some models of such heaters are possible to be equipped with ventilator that assists with faster room heating. There exist also models that work like electric fire. Heating the room as fast as ventilator models, these heaters are noiseless.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oil Filled Electric Baseboard Heaters

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Oil filled electric baseboard heaters possess numerous advantages:

  • They offer an incredible safety because their high-temperature heating details are closed. Moreover, the temperature of heater’s carcass does not exceed 60 degrees.
  • Oil filled electric baseboard heaters are timeproof and solid. What is more, such device may work within three days without turning off.
  • Oil filled electric baseboard heaters are noiseless and compact.
  • Price policy of such equipment is very democratic.
  • Oil filled electric baseboard heaters don’t emit strange smell.
  • This equipment doesn’t overdry the air.

However, nothing can be perfect. Therefore, oil filled electric baseboard heaters feature definite disadvantages:

  • They demand a considerable period of time for entire room heating.
  • The equipment of such type is heavy enough.


What to Take into Consideration while Choosing the Heater?

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Deciding which of oil filled electric baseboard heaters to choose, you need to consider particular nuances. One of them regards peculiarities of heated area (whether the room is too spacious). Additional important moments embrace heater’s built-in functions and elements. Furthermore, you need to look for heater with a proper power.

The next significant detail is a number of sections. More sections the heater has, more space will be heated.

What is more, pay attention whether the oil filled electric baseboard heater is equipped with an automatic thermostatic facility. Such service helps control the temperature and heater’s work regime by its own.

The choice of models with ventilator, timer, control board or dryer will depend exclusively on your personal taste and budget. However, keep in mind that such device must be purchased in specialized shops. So, take into consideration that the companies held in the greatest respect are DeLonghi, Bimtek and General Climate.

Thus, taking into account given recommendations, you will undoubtedly make a right decision as to the best oil filled electric baseboard heater.