Oil Fired Boilers Review: How not to Make Your Choice Unprofitable?

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More and more home owners all over the world give preference to gas-fired heating units. And there is no wonder about that: they are available in different sizes and colors and can heat any home, regardless of size and hot water demand; they have reasonable prices and are widely recognized as highly efficient variants. However, considering only gas appliance is wrong. Why not pay special attention to oil-fired furnaces?

oil fired boilers reviews

Boiler Description

Oil fired boilers reviews give a full view of what these units are. They became a pretty popular choice in those areas, where there is a limited access to natural gas. The heating appliance of this type gives a great opportunity of using renewable fuels in order to heat one’s house.

As for today, there is a vast number of companies that are always ready to offer heating oil mixed with biodiesel, thus allowing customers reduce their dependence on oil, when choosing to draw on this domestic source of energy.

As Compact As Gas Boilers?

According to all oil fired boilers reviews, these units are as compact as gas ones. They can be floor or wall mounted, pretty quiet and clean. What are the most popular choices to pay special attention to? They are standard (conventional) and combi (combination) boilers. These models are available as condensing models.

Way to Reduce Costs

Did you know that oil fired boilers help to reduce heating costs? Older generation heating units usually operate at nearly 70% or 75% efficiency, thus nearly one quarter of the heat that is produced by boilers is simply wasted.

If you give preference to modern models of oil fired boilers, you’ll choose the appliance that tends to operate much more efficiently – 90% or 95%. What does it mean? It means that only 10% of all the produced energy is going to be wasted.

This all helps to save energy and cut down possible expenses. Increase in efficiency means a pretty significant increase in savings both on energy and heating bills. Annual savings will equal around $100-$300. However, many things will depend on how efficient the model is and how much you are now paying for the used energy.

How to Choose Oil Fired Boilers?

In this oil fired boilers review we are also going to give you a few tips on how to choose the right boiler for you home. Choosing the right model becomes a pretty important decision because of several reasons. If the unit is very small, it will never meet the needs. If it is very big, it is going to have a great impact on your budget.

What is the correct size? Normally, it is determined by two factors:

  1. the volume of the house
  2. how well it is insulated


What should be considered?

  • The usage of hot water (including how many sinks, showers and baths the house has).
  • The size of the house (including how many rooms should be heated as well as the size of radiators in these rooms).
  • The possible amount of heat loss (consider the house type (semi-detached, terraced, detached) whether the place has cavity wall insulation, loft insulation or double glazing).
  • Decide on what type of boiler you’d like to have: the one hidden in the cupboard or not.


This is when your choice of an oil fired boiler is going to be right.