Oil Fired Central Heating Boilers: A Perfect Choice Recommended for Smaller Homes and Flats

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Oil fired central heating boilers work in the way similar to gas-powered appliances. The only difference is the fact they are using oil to heat water, ensuing proper heating via radiators and enough hot water through all the taps in your place. If you choose oil-fired units, you should have the oil supply delivered and stored in special tanks.

oil fired central heating boilers

Advantages of Oil-Based Central Heating

They say that oil heating is far not as good as natural gas one. However, there are cases, when the use of natural-gas boilers is impossible or unjustified, especially in rural areas. Besides, oil fired central heating boilers have their own advantages:

  1. The very first advantage that should be mentioned is the fact that oil is an efficient type of fuel, and you can always expect a pretty good return on every energy unit.
  2. The second advantage that is provided by the installation of oil-based central heating is the fact that these units are indispensable in areas, where the households aren’t connected to the gas network.


Types of Oil Boilers

There are three basic types of oil fired central heating boilers:

  • conventional
  • condensing
  • combination

Conventional units are standard ones. A typical system includes a boiler, a feed, extended controls, an expansion cistern and a hot water cylinder fed by a cold water cistern that is located in the loft. This system type is suitable for very large households, where hot water is always needed in significant quantities and on demand for heating baths, dish washers and washing machines.

oil fired heating boilers

Condensing oil boilers are especially designed for recycling the heat with a heat exchanger, thus the hot exhaust gases are used for pre-heating water in the boil system, reducing both costs and energy consumption. Such units usually cost a bit more, however, if you are interested in energy savings, they become an optimal choice and can repay the initial investment in a couple of years.

Combination boilers are the most popular choice. Today this boiler type accounts for nearly half of all the domestic boilers installed all over the world. A combination unit eliminates the need to store hot water, thus there is no cylinder hidden in the cupboard. This is a very efficient water and central heating boiler that sits in the utility room, in the kitchen or in the airing cupboard. There are no components of a standard heating system like a hot water storage cylinder or a cold water storage cistern.

All oil fired central heating boilers are commonly referred to as the best alternative for the heating needs of those, who live out in the country and are cut off from electricity or gas supplies. An oil-fired boiler allows keeping fuel stored near your place and topping up the unit when it is needed. Such boilers are perfect for smaller houses and flats, so if you have a big house, you should better seek for other alternatives that will suit all your living arrangements and hot water needs.