What Makes Peerless Gas Boilers Best in the Hydronic Heating Industry?

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For those, who don’t know: Peerless is the world’s leading manufacturer of cast-iron heating units (boilers) that offers a huge variety of models that are suitable both for direct and chimney venting. If you are after direct-vent models, you should know that they are an ideal replacement for many heat pumps and electric appliances. Many Peerless gas boilers have achieved the Energy Star rating, meaning they reduce the amount of fuel consumed and help to cut down possible expenses.

peerless gas boiler

Brand’s History

The company was founded in 1908 and is more than 100 year old now. It is a privately-owned structure with the main headquarter in Bally, Pennsylvania. The brand’s annual revenues are around $6.8 million. Its staff (about 47 people) is at different headquarters.

There are three key features the staff is guided by. These are innovations, technology and practical experience. Thanks to this approach, Peerless is at the top of the list of manufacturers in the hydronic heating industry. The company manufactures boilers of different applications:

  • hot water systems
  • steam systems
  • commercial boilers
  • residential boilers
  • natural draft venting models
  • direct-vent models

There are boilers in different sizes and variation that have multiple options able to fit all the needs for heating and hot water, regardless of the house’s size. The majority of residential boilers that are available today are Energy Star compliant, which is essential in conditions of today’s economic climate.

Energy Efficiency

Peerless gas boilers are widely recognized due to pretty high efficiency levels. Today the brand produces 47 heating units that qualify for Energy Star ratings. Peerless company also offers 4 series of gas boilers that includes products that are Energy Star qualified.

What’s the benefit? Such products are a great contribution to the process of fighting against pollution and global warming thanks to the efficient fuel use. Besides, such boilers save buyers’ money, reducing energy costs.

Gas boilers have pretty large water content. As the cast iron cools down slowly, that water that is inside it stays hotter for a much longer time. What does it provide? Additional heat with the minimal boiler firing. This assures high efficiency levels and extends the durability of boiler’s components.

Practically all residential units have features, which make them perfect for home installation. For example, the low profile design of Peerless gas boilers allows quite simple replacement of existing models and even installation in low headroom places.

There are also a flame rollout safety shutoff switches and differential pressure switches that assure safe operations. Burners and a gas valve are closely located to protect them from damage and tampering. Special controls assure of available replacements or when the unit needs professional servicing.

All these features assure users that Peerless gas boilers are a perfect choice for their homes.