Propane tankless water heater: 7 gallons of hot water per minute

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It is very unpleasant situations – lack of hot water when you come home after a long working day and try to take a long relaxing shower.  One of the ways to avoid such problem is installing propane tank less water heater which will provide you with sufficient amount of water in a short time, depending on your choice of the device. Usually the heater  lets  two persons to take a shower and do laundry at the same time  without any changes in the temperature of the water. People are getting more and more demanding if it is about their comfort and money. Maybe it is better to think and get to know a new thing, than to buy an old, known one when we talk about hot water in your house.

What is a tank less water heater?

propane tankless water heater

Why a tank less water heater is becoming so popular? It is not a new device, as it was used for decades, but now, as the cost of electricity is higher, the use of the tank less water heaters seems to be more and more reasonable.

Thankless water heater is known also as on-demand one. It won’t heat water and store it in a big tank while you don’t need it just because it doesn’t have a tank. Thus, tank less water heater safes much money as it works only when you need hot water. It is called instant water heater also for its starting to work when you open the tap, that means you won’t have to wait for the water to be hot and it will take less energy and money to have it hot, as there is no tank with hot water which would have to be kept hot all the time, even when you don’t need it.  There are different types of tank less water heaters on the market, but propane water heater is considered to be one of the most affordable and optimal, especially in household use.

What do you need to have hot water for the lower cost?

Propane tank less water heater is pretty small comparing to other types of water heaters with big tanks. You won’t need to waste almost half a room space to install it. In order to have hot water saving energy, money and space you should choose the one with the capacity which will satisfy your needs according to:

  • the size of the house;
  •  the quantity of water you would need;
  • the outside temperature during the coldest time of the year;
  • the number of persons who do like to take long showers at the same time and like to multitask when it is about using hot water.


Let’s talk about advantages of propane tankless water heater

Obviously, we can outpoint some of the pluses of having tank less propane water heaters, such as:

  • economy of space and money, as the cost of electricity is constantly increasing;
  •  high flow of the hot water;
  • long life –usually you will have 5 years warranty on the device when you buy it, that will make you sure – the heater you are going to buy is reliable and will work for you for a long time;
  •  you can choose whether to install the heater outside or inside the house, depending on your needs and preferences.

When you take a decision to install a new water heater, it will probably be better for you to choose the propane tank less one, and it will be efficient. But if you already have a different one in your house, it will probably be not reasonable to change it for a new one, though the choice is up to you, as the bills for electricity, when you change the heater will surprise you a lot, moreover, a new one will safe a space in your house and will give you as much hot water as you need. More information you can find in our previous material – Advantage of tankless water heater.

What should you know to avoid problems with propane tank less water heater?

First of all, using propane as a fuel inside the house will need good venting in the room where the heater is installed, though venting is needed in every house. Also you need to know – when having this type of water heater, you can’t set it to keep the right temperature for you to have bath in. Usually the water will be too hot, but it is better to add some cold and enjoy the bath which is good for you, than to have two separate units in the house to set the temperature for bathing.