Ravenheat Boilers: Dedicated to Make Life Easier & Top Innovative

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If you’re about to buy a new boiler for your home and looking for a reliable boiler manufacturer that can provide high efficiency boiler solutions in combination with an outstanding customer service, Ravenheat is always at your service.

ravenheat boiler

Ravenheat is the UK leading and independent boiler manufacturer of highly efficient and yet affordable boilers. All company’s products are designed and produced by heating engineers specifically to meet the highest standards possible. Maintaining tight controls over the manufacturing process (function testing), constant evaluation of new technologies, using the highest quality (performance and durability) components – it’s all about Ravenheat, which is synonymous with quality manufacturing of products that are reliable throughout their lifetime. It means that choosing Ravenheat boiler you not only choose an appliance that was built to last, but rather a product that includes premium features as standard, and doesn’t include the premium price tag.

Ravenheat Boilers: Innovation That Speaks For Itself

Ravenheat has always been known for its creative and innovative thinking that goes beyond what is inside the boiler. According to the company’s innovative process, the new technologies are constantly being evaluated and existing ones are constantly being looked at different applications so as to balance their cost against the reliability and efficiency that they deliver.

For instance, Ravenheat’s award-winning ENERGYCATCHER (can recycle the latent heat in exhaust flue gases and save up to 52% on water heating) is an example of how the company struggles towards pushing the energy efficiency boundaries, thus developing low-cost solutions able to facilitate fuel poverty reducing the need for investing in renewable technologies.

Premium HEATING CONTROLS (wireless room thermostats and timers) is company’s another innovation, which can help to ensure that the heating system meets the needs of the most demanding households. Aside from that, choosing Ravenheat boilers means choosing the following benefits:

  • company with 25 years of experience;
  • affordable appliances of a premium quality;
  • products manufactured to ISO standards;
  • failure rates of less than 1%;
  • experts in high efficiency;
  • outstanding customer service;
  • continuous innovation process.

Ravenheat Boilers: Premium Quality Without Compromise

Ravenheat is highly reputed for manufacturing affordable high efficiency boilers that incorporate the latest innovative technologies and pretested premium components that don’t compromise on both quality and reliability. The company presents the following types of boilers:

  • combination boilers (the most popular, efficient in saving energy costs, produces hot water on demand and keeps radiators hot, saves space. Models: CSI 85 AAA, CSI 120, CSI 150, CSI PRIMARY, WHITE HEAT, COMBIPLUS, COMBISTORE etc.);
  • system boilers (less popular, a built-in expansion vessel, doesn’t require the header tank, has an unvented hot water cylinder);
  • open vent boilers (least popular, traditional condensing boiler that incorporates a hot water storage cylinder with header tanks, delivers hot water from the hot water storage cylinder).