Domestic Heating & Hot Water Systems: Top Rated Oil Boilers

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top rated oil boilers
Would like to purchase a domestic heating & hot water system, but don’t know which one to give preference to? Don’t know the difference between efficiency ratings of various types of boilers? Tired of getting through all those boiler brand names searching for the one to suit your home best? Then this article about top rated oil boilers discussing the ‘fleet efficiency’ of most popular boiler brands is at your service!

Oil Boilers as an Alternative Way to Heat Your Home: Overall Benefits

Oil boilers being one of the most popular type of home heating system among other types (gas heating, radiant heating, hydronic system, geothermal heating, etc.) have recently undergone a lot of renovations with their latest advancements to satisfy today’s consumers’ various wishes and needs, concerning, primarily, efficiency. The operation principles of any typical oil boiler are similar to its gas-powered counterpart: oil central heating system uses an oil-fired boiler to boil water, which provides both the central heating and hot water. The only difference between gas and oil boilers is that the latter needs to have its oil supply delivered and stored in a special oil tank, connected to the oil boiler via a pipeline.

Oil boilers, being able to achieve better efficiency with the technology operating smoothly, are not only more popular, but more reliable than any other heating system as well. But except for great efficiency (92-93% or even more), oil boilers also have other benefits to consider:

  • low electric bill (provides a good return on every energy unit, thus decreasing your electric bill);
  • basic maintenance (regular professional maintenances contribute to boiler’s proper functioning without causing the need for major repairs).

Top Rated Oil Boilers: Efficiency Ratings vs. Consumer Satisfaction Ratings

The market being overwhelmed with different oil boiler brands makes finding the best one difficult, but still optional. Finding the best means finding the one that is both the most energy efficient and economical. Consider the fact that there are three main oil boiler types you may choose from (regular, system & combination), but better choose modern oil-fired boilers, which are best for reducing heating costs, and, unlike gas system, release less emissions, thus making heating more environmentally friendly.

Residential and commercial oil boilers can generally be compared by two different rating types:

  • efficiency rating (measured either by Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) for residential boilers, or by combustion efficiency for commercial ones);
  • consumer satisfaction rating;

the combination of which produces the general ‘fleet efficiency’, which is the average efficiency of all of the models sold under a particular boiler brand name. Here is the list of Top Rated Oil Boilers, ranked according to the abovementioned sets of ratings:

  1. Worcester;
  2. Vaillant;
  3. Kewanee;
  4. Temp-Air;
  5. Coleman;
  6. Friedrich;
  7. American Standard;
  8. Kenmore;
  9. Hurst;
  10. Slant-Fin.


All listed oil boilers have proved to be leaders in the home heating industry, but if you’re looking for the best one, take a look at Worcester’s oil-fired boilers, which are technologically highly-effective and highly-efficient, environmentally friendly, designed and constructed according to exact standards, and guarantee quality and reliability of providing both heating and hot water comfort.