Types of Gas Boilers. Compare the Options to Make the Right Choice

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Choosing a proper type of gas boiler always was, is and will be problematic. If there were two types, there would be a chance to compare their qualities and features and pick the one that is perfect for one’s house. However, with all the brands, types and characteristics the modern market is ready to suggest making the right choice is practically impossible.

types of gas boilers

We offer you to look through possible types of gas boilers you can pick from. Weigh all pros and cons, decide on your needs and possibilities, consider the climate you live in and the size of your home, and viola – you get an optimal unit!

Top 5 Types to Pick From

The most popular, reliable and recognizable types are:

  1. Combination boilers
  2. Conventional boilers
  3. Back boilers
  4. System gas boilers
  5. Heat only gas boilers


Combination (combi) boilers. This is the most popular type of units for domestic hot water production and gas central heating. It is easily installed and is regarded to be the most highly reliable appliance. The unit supplies water from the mains, so there’s no need to have a storage tank. The benefit is that a single boiler can supply hot water on demand.

In addition, a combi boiler is economical on space and energy, as the liquid is heated instantaneously on turning on a shower or opening a hot tap. The units provide water at mains pressure, thus you can easily enjoy a pretty strong hot shower without any need for an additional pump. Such features make these boilers perfect for small properties, where space is always important. Read more about combination boiler in our review.

Back boilers. These are small and compact units sitting in the chimney breast behind an electric fire and working together with a special storage cylinder, thus providing both hot water and central heating needs.

As many modern manufacturers offer this boiler type, it won’t be difficult for you to pick the right model for your place. Additional information about back boilers with gas fires.

Heating only gas boilers. This is another type of gas boiler worth mentioning. It works with water top-up tanks and a water storage cylinder, providing hot water and central heating needs. Heating gas boilers are known for pretty high efficiency levels and compact size. These features make them ideal for limited space.

Conventional boilers. They use a special storage tank to supply water, which is heated with the help of iron heat exchangers. A boiler can provide gallons of hot water. When the stored amount of hot water runs out, there may be a delay in supply. This time is needed for the tank to refill.

Conventional models need more space than combination ones, and the installation process is far more complicated. Older models are not energy efficient, and new ones can match the heating requirements of your home.

System gas boilers. Such models run using stored hot water. Their main components are built-in (expansion vessels and the pump), which means that the installation doesn’t take much time and becomes more efficient and easier. A system boiler pumps the heated liquid through the system to the radiator and the cylinder.

As you see all these types of gas boilers have their pros and cons. Decide which of them can be neglected, and which ones are important for you.